5 Tips to choose gay wedding rings in Hatton Garden.

There are no particular norms or rules as such for choosing a wedding ring for any sort of couple, straight, lesbians, or gay. But you might want to be a little picky while choosing a wedding ring for your gay partner as the wedding ring is a symbol of lifelong love and commitment. Here are the top 5 most essential things to consider when choosing a ring for your gay partner –

1.   Engrave the ring – Most rings have enough width to engrave a special message or personalize the design to represent the togetherness between you and your partner. You can engrave the initials of your names or the nickname that you use to call your partner with. Make sure to keep it very personalized for it is special. You can engrave the rings with some personal memories, some special kind of flower that you used to give to your partner or something like that. Just don’t write typical words like “his”.

2.   Finger – Decide among yourself what finger is suitable for you both to wear the wedding ring. You might deviate from the norm of wearing the ring on the ring finger only. Decide what’s comfortable for you both and try to choose the same finger for both of you. It’s completely fine if you have a different preference of finger for wearing the ring. Hatton gardens jewellers have wedding rings of every size for your convenience.

3.   Metal – Choosing a metal should be according to your color preference and more than that, on your daily lifestyle. Gold is the most traditional option for wedding rings but it is very delicate and can be damaged under certain circumstances. They are very prone to denting and the attractiveness of gold fades. Other tougher metals such as silver and titanium are not so mainstream, but they have their unique appearance. Besides toughness, they are much more affordable than gold.

4.   Designs – Do you want a well-designed wedding ring or a simple one? Simple rings look aesthetic but designed rings have their own adorable appearance. Simple and plain rings also have the additional benefit that they can easily be designed accordingly in the future. Another cool suggestion is that you can look for symmetrical designs imprinted half on each of the rings. This will represent that both of you complete each other.

5.   Differences are okay – It is quite common to see couples choosing rings with the same color, designs, and engravings and also wearing the rings on the same finger but you don’t necessarily have to follow that. If both of you are more individualistic in temperaments, it is perfectly fine to choose and design the ring according to your own comfort and preferences. The only purpose of a wedding ring is its representation of marriage life & personal development.

Spend some time exploring and figuring out your desired type of wedding ring. There is a wide variety of availability of wedding and Engagement rings in Hatton Garden


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