5 WordPress Web Design Trends for 2020

When it comes to leading the market word press is a widely trusted system for content management for web designing and development. It is useful in helping the users for building their websites it is basically the core of brand recognition. It contributes a substantial share to the web market having a share of 34 percent. These CMS have a share of around 60.8% in the market

Word press has always embodied the latest technologies to assure that there is continuous innovation for the users. Word press has come farther to add new functionalities and features that help to incorporate the user’s vision to their interface. The development services have the continuation in a steadfast manner which is intrinsic to get user engagement. 

There are credible agencies that make it very convenient for you to get a website design as they are trustworthy to provide services for the web. A full-service web design agency in Las Vegas NV is affordable to offer you a quality website the way you want it built. 

The themes of word press have been user-friendly making it convenient for you to surf the web in a user-oriented way. The themes are classy to make a website that matches the needs of a user.

In this article, we will bring the trending designs of the year for you.

Augmented & Virtual Reality:

These technologies have received a heavy rise in recent times. Many Developers and companies are implying the AR & VR technology to get more reach and adding more customers. Word press has given complete authority to VR content with 360 degrees. It has received robust popularity. These two technologies have taken the browsing experience to the next level. These trends are exceptionally beneficial for photo and video websites. Boosting their traffic enabling more users to reach them.

Voice Search for Word press Sites:

You will be familiar with the voice search feature in your smartphone using Siri or Google now but how astonishing and amazing it will be when you get this feature on your word press site.

Yes, Word press has found the destination with the assistance of big voice search machines. This can be done with the help of plugins Siri and Alexa voice assistants can be used.

Drag and Drop Page Builder:

Many users are moving towards the drag and drop page for editing purposes, with the help of the block system and WYSIWYG this editor is becoming a priority of the users. It has now become easier for users to build their website by doing some clicks. It is very handy to use and all of the above it is code-free. It is very easy to use as it is accessible by beginners.


This trend is getting immense popularity and it will continue to get such popular response in the future too. WooCommerce plugin has made the task execution process convenient. User does not need to put heavy endeavors and they will receive a powerful e-commerce configuration system. The personified mobile and personalized shopping services have seen steady growth in 2020.

Chat Bot:

The Integration of Chatbots is done with the help of CRM on the word press. This assists in the monitoring of the users’ clicks on the different promos. Even when they interact with the social channel. There are many benefits that chatbot brings. It can enable the understanding of human interactions. It can bring efficiency in the user-interaction and all over surfing experience for the website


The competition in the realm of websites is getting tough and tough. A reputable Word press Web Design Agency can also help you out in getting the most suitable trending design for your website. To compete in a befitting way, you shall have an eye-catchy site able to leave a good impression. You shall keep an eye on the latest developments and trending website designs. You can imply them and fulfill the market designs and present an appeal to new customers.

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