6 Safe Practices to Follow at Workplace During Pandemic

If you are reading this, then you are one of the fortunate ones to make it through the pandemic this year. 2020 is about to end but God! It’s a marvel to live in the world of technology and yet to be struck dumb in an array of the disease. Since the second wave of COVID-19 is hitting most countries, winter is not making it the best of times either. Many businesses shut down and remote work was at its peak for what remained of the working companies. Since the majority of workplaces are functioning; either rotational or otherwise, employees are taking a risk by stepping out for work.

 For this very reason, you need to take some necessary precautions to make sure you are safe and sound.

1.     Protections given by the employer

As a responsible owner, the steps you take for the safety of the employees will ultimately either stabilize you or haunt you for the rest of your life. Introducing smart cleaning protocols are a given at all times i.e. clean the workplace properly, sanitize everything! The doors, doorknobs, windows, work stations, even the PC, each and everything need to be sanitized after regular intervals of hours. Make this a ritual, before the employees step in, during work hours and after office hours, sanitize the interior.

It may sound much but it’s not, it’s a vital step towards safety.

2.     Use of Portable coffee maker

You have no idea the impact of using a regular coffee machine at the office can be the source of the virus even despite the sanitization.

As an employee, you can easily afford a wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker and fit it inside your laptop bag. Carrying a portable coffee maker is evidence enough that you need to take things seriously. Office coffee norms are changing drastically as one coffee machine is used by 10 employees at different times, the risk rate of someone getting infected will be higher.

You can make your own coffee, by carrying a mini espresso maker, without wasting any time or coming in contact with other objects unnecessarily. This way your coffee maker is limited to individual use only.

3.     Avoid Public Transportation

Commuting is one of the most convenient ways to reach your workplace and a cheaper mode of transportation too. But this also puts people at a close distance from each other. So it goes without saying quit, now, if you can.

In case you cannot quit the commute, then restrict your traveling with the people you live with, people who test negative for the virus, or with those who share the same concerns with you regarding social distancing. This way you lot can come up with a smart way to reach your workplace in a timely manner.

Another way is to use public transports if operating in your vicinity. Many buses and trains have closed offsets so that people have six feet distance.

4.     Avoid Crowded Places

Even with the reopening of offices even partially and despite the regular cleaning protocols one still needs to avoid the crowded places in the workplace. The building will have staff from all levels from the janitor to the guard to the receptionist to the CEO.

Instead of using elevators, prefer to use the staircase. In case, that’s not possible for you then wait for the next shaft to come. Or you can simply ask others to go turn by turn and make a queue with a safe distance. It is strictly advised not to step inside a full elevator; it must be partially filled with people i.e. not more than 5 people at the best.

5.       Personal Protective Equipment

Some people are more concerned than others, which is quite natural. After following the general workplace rules you can add an extra layer of precaution by using personal protective items that include, face mask, and face shield, gloves, goggles, and a sanitizer.

You are exposed to various unseen hazards at the workplace on regular days, and to imagine how much exposure you are now, the safety concern should not be compromised. If the protective gear is being provided to you then it’s perfect, if not then it’s compulsory to carry it with you wherever you go.

6.     After Work Routine

This part of the safety precaution takes place after you leave your workplace. The main concern that bothers employees is, “what if they take the virus home on themselves?”

From what we have seen, COVID-19 spreads from one person to another through respiratory droplets in the form of sneeze cough, while talking or breathing. Hence wearing the mask is the protective layer you need. But once you reach the home, dispose of the mask properly. It’s not to be used for more than 12 hours because it already would have become a house of germs. Take a hot shower; change into clean clothes while you keep your work clothes separately.

Following these basic steps is crucial for your and everyone else’s safety. Let’s hope you all remain safe from the clutches of pandemics. 

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