7 reasons to invest in digital influencers

The advancement of technology ended up transforming the market and the way we present companies and content. Among the essential marketing tools, one that has gained a lot of strength is influence marketing.

Increasingly, influencers are a fundamental part of any marketing strategy that a company plans to do. This is true both for larger markets and for establishments with more complex negotiations.

The potential for disseminating these influencers is unlimited. From selling office notebooks to food products and other offal, any action can be taken to leverage a company.

Therefore, it is important to identify how much an influencer can impact your digital marketing strategy. In Brazil alone, people spend an average of 9 hours a day connected to the internet. And in this period, one of the biggest uses is with social networks.

This is where the strength of influencers lies. These people build an affinity group with their followers, creating a relationship of trust for the adequate consumption of the content.

Taking an influencer to present your coworking space can be an excellent opportunity to win over new people in your

Thus, influencers become known personalities in the network, with a high potential for viralization. Many people directly look for indications of their favorite influencers when they need to buy a product or service.

How to choose an influencer for your company?

The market usually connects the term digital influencer with people who are already considered celebrities, their reach on the internet. However, this concept is mistaken, since influencers can have different ranges of engagement.

The important thing when establishing a partnership is to find someone who fits your profile. Often, a smaller but more regionalized influencer can be a much better option than an internet giant.

To sell a diamond engagement ring , for example, the ideal is to find influencers who specialize in weddings.

For this reason, it is important to map out the influencers in your segment, people with high persuasive power who can reach a selected audience, more likely to consume your products or services.

In this way, you will be creating the basis for putting together an influence marketing strategy. If you want a quick and direct reach, but you don’t bother with conversion so much at the first moment, maybe a great influencer is the best option.

However, if you want a longer-lasting campaign, with better engagement and customer loyalty for your brand, investing in a micro influencer can be much more profitable, since although he does not have as many numbers as larger influencers, you will get a more direct engagement with the audience.

If you need demonstrations and tests of your product for the campaign, you can think about looking for an influencer who is an expert in your area.

He will be able to explain in detail the operation of the product and will end up achieving better results, since his influence is a direct result of his technical knowledge in the area in which he operates.

A building painting company can partner with a paint specialist, who will present the company’s services, reaching a wider audience.

It is important to keep in mind that any marketing action that uses an influencer must be in accordance with the reality in which he operates.

There is no point in presenting a product that completely escapes an influencer’s area of ​​activity just because of the number of followers he has, for example.

Tips for creating a good campaign

Understanding the work of influencers is essential to know how to use these services with quality, however, it is necessary to pay attention to some details that can make a difference in hiring.

1. Let Influencer exercise creativity

Much of an influencer’s strength is in the way he deals with the public. Their mannerisms, language and recording format are elements that make the audience interested and start to follow the content.

So don’t try to prune this type of action when partnering with an influencer. Creating difficulties so that he can develop the work for fear of not being able to control the situation can end up being harmful for both.

When creating content over a colored contact lens, let the influencer do it on their terms, so that they reach the potential of your audience.

People who follow influencers like real messages, so allow creative freedom so that he can develop quality content using your brand as a key point of the publication.

2. Expand the influence work

It is important to use all the tools at your disposal when creating an influential marketing campaign. Even if you hire only one influencer, you can identify other media and other places where this campaign can talk.

If you choose to hire more digital influencers, ensure that the publications are interconnected, and are not simply loose publicity actions. This type of action turns out to be much more functional when everyone involved speaks the same language.

3. Hiring an Influencer

Many influencers today are in the care of an agency, which ends up facilitating all procedures for contracting services. However, not everyone works that way, and it is important to identify this when choosing an influencer.

Because it is a very new market, there is still no specific regulation to protect this profession, so many influencers do not yet have an open company to do the trading.

The costs of contracting individual services are greater than the payment of the invoice issued by the contractor, but if the influencer you choose is connected with your niche and is what you are looking for, don’t let that stop you from continuing the action.

4. How big is your Influencer audience?

The larger the audience of your influencer, the higher the cost of hiring. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the objective to guarantee a good choice when carrying out marketing actions.

If you intend to reach a large number of people to get to know your brand, the investment in a great influencer can be worthwhile, since the reach of these professionals is thousands of people.

However, if your idea is to seek more direct results, with conversions and customer loyalty, an influencer with a more segmented audience may be the right answer.

A landscaping and gardening company may prefer direct contact with customers interested in their service, looking for a niche influencer to achieve these results.

It is necessary to understand that numbers are not the only thing to observe when dealing with an influencer. The results he will offer for his marketing strategy are much more important than the audience he has.

5. Pay attention to the location

Always ask in negotiations with an influencer what the area of ​​reach he has. This is because many of these professionals do not have as good a local reach as expected.

For small companies, which depend on local commerce for their livelihood, the ideal is to look for regionalized influencers, with a strong presence in the area in which the establishment is located. It is also important to think about the demand that you are able to meet.

An electronic lock installation company has limitations in terms of the service area, and these limitations must be within the influence area.

Taking action with a larger influencer can draw a large audience to your establishment, but if you are not ready to serve them, the experience can end up becoming frustrating and damaging to your brand.

6. The behavior of your influencer

Social networks are business cards for influencers, and must be taken care of to avoid complications. Many influencers, because of this, try to avoid controversial issues or that could damage their image.

When a publication attracts the attention of followers, it is common to cover positions of companies that have partnerships with influencers, often questioning whether the company corroborates the attitudes or opinions presented by the influencer.

So, even before closing the contract, look at the publication history with the influencer to ensure that he has no opinions that contradict the company’s values ​​in the past, and keep a watch on the networks a few months after the contract ends.

When a crisis like this happens, the ideal is to position yourself quickly and directly, preventing the public from having wrong thoughts about the brand.

7. Veracity with the public

It is important for any influencer and brand that the partnership is declared to the public. Veiled advertising is an unethical practice, and can end all the work done by the partnership.

When publishing about a led pool lamp, it is important to signal in some way that it is paid advertising.

Often, the use of keywords that identify the partnership is enough for the public to understand.

Final considerations

The internet is moving fast today, and it is very common for people of all kinds to consume a lot of content through it.

Therefore, having the support of people who are influential on the internet is a fundamental movement for any digital marketing campaign.

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