8 Content Marketing Trends to Keep in Mind for 2021

Content has been the backbone of marketing since the beginning of times. From the ancient era to the modern world, there have been many forms of content and how it has evolved to the point where it is considered as the backbone of marketing truly fascinates the human mind. As we just heroically sustained 2020, the ratio of change that is adopted by everyone is also worth praising. In the past year, when everyone thought that the world has stopped, the virtual world has opened success gates for everyone and “IDEATION” became the new hope for many individuals. The next step was the execution of the idea and hence a golden opportunity for digital marketing companies.

Digital marketing companies provided content marketing services beyond limitations just using the official spaces, and that made the base for the content marketing trends of 2021. By now, everyone knows the power of content, and what proper execution of content can do for their idea. Here are some trends, every content marketing agency will follow in 2021 for sure.

  1. Websites Will Have More Content

Websites have more content than ever. Although it is not a new approach to fill your website with detailed writing and keywords, however, this trend is only going to grow in 2021. Whether the company is following the PPC or SEO for marketing the content in terms of blogs, guest posts and many other written forms, wordy content is required. You won’t find a website with only pictures and videos. Words are still mandatory. Which is the main reason that content marketing services are the most important part of digital marketing agencies.

2. Videos are the Future

Historians will label 2020 as the teaching year, and one of the thing that has self-stated itself is the fact that videos are the most convenient and engaging form of digital marketing. As per the latest youtube statistics, the percentages relating to users have raised to a daunting level. For instance, every day people watch 1 billion hours of videos around the globe, and 90% of people discover new products and services through videos. Content marketing agencies are well aware of the numbers, so most of them are providing video creation services to their clients.

3. Quality and Engagement Tops in 2021

If you can’t provide quality content, then there is no point of your content marketing services. This is the latest trend. People only share your content only if it has quality. Quality in content formation and execution is the ultimate tool for better engagement from the users’ viewpoint and the search engine’s viewpoint.

4. No Limitations on Marketing Channels

With the massive increase in idea executions, idea repetition was done on a large scale as well. several websites and social platforms were introduced in 2020, which offered the services of advertisement. Companies share their work on multiple platforms to engage with more clients. Most content marketing agencies create profiles on free platforms and gain a significant audience from them.

5. Social Media is Going to be Even More Powerful

During the pandemic and lockdowns, one of the biggest support of many were social media platforms. As per the digital research, there was an 8% increase in social media users by April 2020. Also, many businesses were started from social media and the trend was successful. There is a thought that the usage of social media will lesser in future, but now people know how to find the products. This knowledge combined with content marketing agencies’ strategies of producing the content that is loved by the audience and the tools used by them to reach the clients has created an upward graph for social media in 2021.

6. What Cooking In Google’s Kitchen

Every content marketing agency has to follow the changing algorithms of Google picking the ranking websites. Google doesn’t compromise on quality as well and to make sure quality Google has introduced a new tool named as web core vitals, which analyze  “page experience” score of the websites. All in all the content without quality will be useless in 2021. If the content marketing services you have chosen for your brand doesn’t realise that it is surely the time to switch.

7. User-Generated Content is Trending in Every Content Marketing Agency

Another thing that was trending even before pandemic was that users are helpful in content creation, but it has fully blossomed during the lock-down. People have created review videos, pictures and comments about many businesses and intelligent agencies providing content marketing services have utilized this content to a proliferating degree.

8. E-Commerce and D2C

E-commerce is the perfect form of D2C business and in the year 2020, it was the only for businesses to earn profits. Every business big or small, which provided that opinion has earned greater sales. As per the experts, the overall sales generated throughout 2020 were $4.13 trillion, and it is highly expected that by 2040, 95% purchasing will be done via E-commerce. Digital marketing agencies providing content marketing services have entirely focused on D2C marketing and this trend will rule in 2021 and many years to come.

Content marketing still is and will be the backbone of digital marketing. The channels and forms may vary, but the main focus in 2021 is to engage clients with quality content and with D2C approach.

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