8 reasons why a child should have a dog

Does your child want a dog and the first thing that comes to mind is to say no? Read all this before and maybe you change your mind, since the dog can do many things for your child that you may not even imagine.

A child, from birth, shows interest and sympathy towards animals naturally. If this behavior is reinforced, a pet can be a source of physical and mental health and the best ally of any father and mother. Here are the 8 reasons why a child should have a dog at home.

1.- The child learns to be responsible

Caring for a dog involves assuming a series of responsibilities in which the child can collaborate and, little by little, take charge. Taking care of combing and washing it, giving it its food at the established time, or taking it out for a walk are routines that the child can perform.

2.- The child will be more active

From a very young age, the child will become the dog’s playmate. So, if you don’t want that your kid all day playing games on ps5, or watching movies or cartoons on Netflix, kissanime, or on another streaming channel then go and get your kid a dog. This way you will stay active: playing, running or going outdoors will become some of your favorite hobbies.

3.- A dog helps foster positive feelings

A worried or sad child modifies his attitude towards a dog that demands affection, caresses, play …

4.- A dog is a faithful friend to tell secrets

This helps reduce tension and anxiety in children with small problems and concerns that they would never confess to an adult. The dog can act as a perfect and understanding “furry therapist”.

5.- A dog helps to control strong emotions

The child angry with his friends, with his parents, who have had a bad day, screams, is disobedient … in a dog, he will rarely find a moody response (unless he physically attacks him, of course). This will help decrease your tension and change your behavior to something more personable.

6.- The child learns to socialize

In his relationship with the dog, the child gives and receives respect, affection, learns to communicate, to value the needs of the other. This can be extrapolated to your relationship with other children. In addition, in children with socialization problems, the dog can become a “driver” or pathway in their relationship with others.

7.- Children who grow up with dogs improve their health

Numerous studies conclude that children who live with dogs are less likely to develop allergies and asthma or cardiovascular disease.

8.- A dog can improve performance in tasks such as reading

Although not all dogs are able to remain calm for a long time lying next to the child, some of them can become the ideal companion for children with reading difficulties: a dog listens attentively and does not judge, so the child will read aloud before them without fear or shame.

There are therapy programs with dogs aimed at improving reading skills that are obtaining very positive results.
If you have a dog at home, you will surely be able to add one more reason why a child needs a dog to the list that we have presented.

If you still do not have a dog in the family, these reasons will probably make you value agreeing to your child’s request who insistently asks you for a puppy.

Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher, is a freelance writer, serial blogger, and speaker who enjoys enlightening others about unknown and little-known facts.

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