Have you been struggling with your business lately? It may be time to hire a corporate turnaround expert. These experts have years of experience in restructuring companies, and can help get your company back on track! Read on to learn more about the benefits of hiring a corporate turnaround expert.

1. Develop a growth strategy

A corporate turnaround expert like Michael Canzian can help you devise ways for your business to expand and grow as an effective, profitable entity. They may encourage you to update products or market them differently, implement better inventory control systems, explore new distribution channels or suppliers, improve upon internal communication systems, or any number of additional changes that could occur within the scope of your business.

2. Raise cash flow

Corporate turnaround experts know all about cash flow management and how it affects a business’s success. They can help you make changes to your financial management system, develop a plan for how to obtain financing if necessary, and generate additional revenue to ensure the health of your business in the future.

3. Improve internal processes

Corporate turnaround experts are often called upon to streamline internal business functions such as inventory control systems, shipment handling methods, supply chain issues, or any number of other challenges that may be affecting your company’s productivity. They will help you assess problems, prioritize them effectively and design solutions that work within the context of the bigger picture.

4. Create a more positive organizational culture

A turnaround expert could visit your facilities and conduct an assessment on workplace morale, survey current employees to determine their needs, and recommend strategies for creating a more positive corporate culture. For example, they might suggest implementing an employee recognition system or holding regular meetings with employees to listen to their concerns and determine how best to address them.

5. Balance the books

A turnaround consultant will not only help you devise a plan for your company’s future growth but also work on improving your financial system as well. They may suggest ways to improve bookkeeping efforts, explore new cash flow management techniques or provide recommendations for changes that can be made to existing budgetary systems to make your business more profitable over time.

6. Take advantage of technology

Technology is transforming virtually all businesses today and yours is no exception; if you want it to stand up against competitors in the market, upgrading its technological capabilities is a must. A proposed consultant can help you understand which technologies are right for your business and how they can be integrated effectively so that they benefit overall processes rather than just being expensive gimmicks or money-wasters.

7. Expand into new markets

To remain competitive in the market, companies often need to enter new lines of business or create new revenue streams by expanding into related fields. An expert will help you determine what makes sense from a strategic standpoint, figure out ways to implement expansion plans successfully, provide guidance on how much funding to allocate towards this effort, and much more.

8. Develop an exit plan

If you’re looking at selling or closing down your company within the next five years, hiring a corporate turnaround expert is a smart idea. They will help you devise an exit plan, ensuring that the process is as painless and straightforward as possible by minimizing losses and maximizing your company’s value.

By taking advantage of these eight options, you give yourself a greater chance of turning around your business successfully and seeing it become profitable again in the future. You also free up valuable time that can be devoted to other important tasks because this expert will take over many of the responsibilities that could prevent your company from reaching its full potential.


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