A good SEO agency does not violate Google’s policy

During the first conversation, a representative of a digital marketing agency Sydney should ask you about such issues as:

  • Value proposition – what sets you apart from the competition and makes your offer unique,
  • Goals and strategy,
  • business model (method of generating revenues, sales channels, target group to which you address your offer),
  • Business assumptions,
  • Your biggest competitors.

During conversations with SEO specialists, try to find out what they know and if they do not use any actions that would be contrary to Google’s guidelines, thus exposing your domain to a penalty or filter. To do this, request that the proposed changes to the structure of the site contain references to Google documents (support, official tutorial videos, responses from the webmaster forum) confirming the compliance of the recommendations with the search engine policy. In this way, you will eliminate SEO companies taking actions that Google looks unfavorably at, e.g. buying links, spamming, generating artificial traffic, adding too many keywords in the keywords meta tag.

A good SEO company should first of all ensure that your website reaches users who convert on it. If positioners only want to achieve high positions quickly, expect little interest in developing your business and achieving your business goals.

Take Reference

Go to the agency’s website and check what websites were positioned by it. Read the testimonials. Also look for opinions on the internet. You can also contact the companies this SEO Company provided their services for to find out how the collaboration went.

Technical Audit and Keyword selection

At the bidding stage, the agency also analyzes the website in terms of the selection of appropriate keywords for which the website could be positioned. Specialists should explain the difference between brand and non-brand phrases and propose solutions that will work in a given industry. The SEO Company should verify what actions are taken by the competition and recommend their use.

Google also mentions to pay attention to the technical audit and how to prepare recommendations. It is best for the SEO agency to present a list of all problems, propose improvements, and indicate the expected results after removing the defects. Individual recommendations should be prioritized. Before conducting an audit, an SEO company needs to know the limitations of introducing changes to the website – thanks to this, you will receive a document with guidelines that you will be able to implement 100%.

Effective SEO requires the cooperation of the website owner with the agency!

The biggest obstacle in cooperation, which SEO specialists notice, is the implementation of optimization recommendations. Therefore, according to Google’s advice, if you decide to use a positioning service, you must take into account that you will have to make changes to the website. Adapting your website to the search engine’s requirements will help it achieve a stable position and will also improve the customer experience using your website.

A good SEO company Sydney aims to improve the user experience from finding a page in search results until converting. Remember that what is good for SEO is also good for customers.

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