About Nag Tibba

One of the famous treks in Uttarakhand, Nag Tibba is very popular among the many trekkers for small or big group tours.

Situated in the Lesser Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. Nag tibba is among the top three ranges of Lesser Himalayan ranges along with Pir Prangal and Dhauladar ranges.

It is basically located in the Garhwal region near Mussoorie and is the easiest trek for beginners.

The trek is beautifully surrounded by nature from the base to the top. Starting from the lush green blanket to the highest mountain view, Nag Tibba is a perfect weekend getaway.

Trekking being the primary choice of an adventurer there are plenty of other activities that can also be done.

Nag Tibba, originally means Serpent’s peak has a circular path and is covered with a mixed serene forest of Cedar, Alpine, oak, and Rhododendrons. 

Favorites for the bird-watchers as well the forest is full of various flora and fauna. 

Maximum Altitude: 3,022m

Best time to visit: February to June/ September to December

Base village: Devalsari village

Difficulty level: Easy

Famous for: Trekking, camping, Hiking, winter treks, weekend escapes, and many more

Duration: 2days

Things to do in Nag Tibba

-Trekking and hiking: The whole trek to Nag Tibba goes through natural landscapes and beauty. The nearest spot for trekking is Dehradun. Pantwari village is the base camp for this trek. 

Another base camp is the Devalsari route which is comparatively long.

During the trek, many resting places are also available. But the main catch of the trek in nature. Meadows, valley and oak forest lighten up the trail. 

It will take approximately 5 to 6 hours to reach the top. The trekking distance itself covers 15km each way. 

Totally recommended to beginners, as this is also a very short trek but the climax of this trek is breathtaking. 

The view of majestic hills that can be witnessed with naked eyes includes the Kedarnath Peak, Bandarpoonch peak, Group of Gangotri peaks, The Doon valley, and the Changabang Peak.

Hiking to many places can be a part of trekking. Many other natural spots like wildlife sanctuaries or hills are famous for the crown of hikers. 

Pari tibba or the Witch’s hill is another hiking spot that is a perfect spot for a small hike in the wild.

-Wildlife photography: Starting from the mesmerizing oak trees the whole forest is very picturesque. The tall and beautiful forest at the steep hills on the trail to the trek is composed of huge rocks as well make the whole forest very picturesque. 

Many bird watchers are also found in Nag tibba. 

Different types of birds and animals can also be found in the National parks around. 

During night time, one can also spot different types of celestial bodies including many stars. 

Apart from the trekking trail, many other reservoirs are also known for hiking and photography. 

-Camping: Under the clear sky of nag tibba, stargazing is a must-try thing to do. And that can only be done after setting a camp at the very peak of the Nag Tibba.

Set the tent and collect material for the bonfire. The bonfire and the music will make the silent valley joyful. 

Either take all the amenities with yourself or take the help of the local agents to spend the night magically.

For friends, family, or couples camping in Nag Tibba is an activity worth doing and it will be unforgettable. 

-Pilgrimage visits: Some of the known places for the believers or the elderlies in the family are the numerous temples in Nag Tibba.

Firstly, do visit the temple of Nag Devta or the god of snakes. There are multiple myths about the divine which can also be translated by the locals or the priests. But the very common belief that will be found here is that the god is the protector of the cattle. That he saved many from the certain snake attacks.

Next comes the temple of Lakha Mandal Shiv temple. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is among the Shakti cults found in different parts of the country.

Dated back to many centuries ago, this temple has a clear view of the river Yamunotri or Yamuna. 

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