Are 420 Doctors For Real or Simply a Farce?

Medical marijuana as a healthcare aid is somewhat a novel concept for the medical community. Over the past few years, medical cannabis and its derivatives are gaining momentum for having many health benefits. And all of this is helping a surge in demand for 420 doctors. It seems like a new trend in the marijuana industry. 

But, do cannabis doctors hold a specialized degree? Are they even real? I am sure such questions would sometimes pop in your mind. Well, it depends. They might be a Ph.D. if wished to recommend cannabis as a healthcare aid. But, certain elements are trying to capitalize on this opportunity, even when they are not qualified. So, cannabis doctors are real for sure. But, the concept is not entirely a hoax. 

Why is There so Much Confusion Around 420 Doctors?

There is a lot of difference between state and federal cannabis laws. It is thereby affecting the cannabis market. Nothing seems to have specific regulations. So, it is helping fake doctors to lure customers for making profits while customers are falling prey to their evil practices. Reports suggest there has been an increase in the number of fake doctors who are giving away invalid medical recommendations. That’s why patients need to have a background check if they wish to meet any cannabis doctor. 

So, if you wish to avoid such doctors, make sure they are a general practitioner or have some specialization such as oncology. Malpractices by these doctors are no different from other doctors. The only difference is that they willingly agree to recommend medical marijuana. In short, any doctor can recommend cannabis for medicinal purposes. It’s just they must be certified from their respective state’s medical board. 

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Who Can Qualify as a Cannabis Doctor?

Becoming a 420 doctor means that you need to have some knowledge about the plant. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to advise regarding the plant. They must research cannabis medicinal benefits and need to be aware of the side effects it might result in. Ideally, becoming a cannabis doctor would require specific certifications and education. However, there are no strict regulations, as of now. 

Strict regulations will mean the doctors would be required to meet the state’s specific requirements. For starters, they must have an active state license. Then, they should comply with specific guidelines for effective diagnosis and treatment results. 

  • They must be aware of their patient’s medical history.
  • They must examine their patients thoroughly, especially the ones who already were using cannabis. 
  • They must have some certification in addiction medicine.
  • They must comply with all the state’s initiatives to limiting the number of cannabis incidents.
  • They must counsel their patients for the possible risk factors and how it can be medically beneficial for their patients. 
  • They must follow-up with their patients to check if a particular dosage is working for them. 
  • They must confirm from their patients if all the other available options failed. 

Bottom Line 

There is no doubt that 420 doctors are real. But, understanding the cannabis dynamics is essential so that they know if cannabis would be beneficial for a particular condition. They can also start keeping notes to check on the treatment progress. You can avoid fake doctors by looking for referrals or checking them through compassionate registries. Other than that, see if your doctor is prepared for a thorough examination. To sum it up, the role of a doctor is critical for an effective recovery process. Make sure to go for a reliable and trustworthy practitioner. 

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