Trekking Is 100% Safe

The new height of the tallest mountain or peak in the world Mount Everest also known as “Sagarmatha” is 8848.86 meter ( 29,031.7 ft. ). Its a dream for every adventure traveler to reach the summit.

Many trekker have lost their lives in attempt to climb the summit . Around 386 People have died attempting to climb the summit of mount everest . Some trekkers died due to bad weather in the summit. Although they have oxygen tank many have breathing problem while reaching the summit. Most trekkers has died after returning from the summit where as few trekkers have died before reaching summit.

How to Have Safe Expedition and Trekking

  • We should avoid solo trekking and choose experiences guides then it’s safe to attempt summit.
  • We must have experience in climbing others easier peaks i.e 6000,7000 meter peak.
  • We must have proper equipment and health check up before attempt summit.
  • Trekking in good weather and avoiding off season expedition we can have memorial and safe expedition.

There is none death case while trekking the base camp of Everest. One of the mountain guides from Summit climb says ” April and May is the best season to climb Everest. Always trek in good weather, with all required equipment and experience then its 100% safe “

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