Best Living Room Decorative Options with the Sisal Rugs

Add texture and an exotic touch to your living room with a sisal rug, which you can perfectly adapt to your home. It can protect wooden floors, and since it is made of natural fibers, it is environmentally friendly and combines beautifully with every type of interior design and decorating style. If you’re unsure where to start when choosing this type of flooring, this guide will answer your questions and help you choose the right sisal rug for your interior.

Sisal carpet in the terrific vintage living room

Think about the size. If you want sisal rugs to cover the tile or wooden floor in your dining room or living room, you will need to purchase a large rug to put under the table, approximately 2.5 by 3.5 meters. Of course, it mostly depends on the size of the room, the arrangement of the furniture and your own preferences.

Sisal rug and exotic carpets under the coffee table

Choose the texture well. The rug, which is made entirely of sisal, looks very natural and welcoming but may appear a bit rough for some tastes. If this is your case, you can look for a rug that combines other fibers for a more comfortable and chic feel. Or, go for a sisal area rug and add a cowhide, wool, or zebra rug; it’s a very trendy combination. Or, place a small carpet on the sisal rug to visually warm the space.

Which shape to choose?

Take into consideration the shape. For a retro or exotic look, place round sisal rugs below the coffee table in the living room and the hallway, for example. Rectangular rugs work best under the dining room table, while ovals can be placed under the side table.

  • All the rules and ideas that will be offered below relate to a dining room rug that will be under the table. If your mat is not under the table, you can choose your carpet freely.

If you decide to buy a dining area rug located under your table, here are some simple rules. So that your carpet retains its design, colors, and shapes, choose a flat rug. Indeed, even if your furniture seems very light to you, think about the guests’ presence around the table. Also, if your mat is embossed, you risk having stability problems. Finally, prefer thin rugs to clean your carpet quickly. In sisal rugs, crumbs will get lost faster. Also, for your comfort when moving your chair, a thin, flat mat is better.


Under your table, always for your comfort, choose a mat that will protrude from the table by at least 60 cm. This will allow you to move your chairs backward without them leaning on the carpet and the floor, which is uncomfortable. If your choice is a round mat, make sure that its diameter will also be at least 120 cm longer than that of your table.Finally, do not forget that there is a high risk of spilling dishes or drinks under a table. When choosing a dining room rug, choose a low-mess rug.

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