Building Upwards and Sideways: Exploring Lego Horizontal

Get ready to stack some bricks and let your creativity soar! In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the world of Lego Horizontal – a building technique that allows you to construct incredible structures both upwards and sideways. Whether you’re a seasoned Lego builder or just getting started, there’s no limit to what you can create with these versatile blocks. So grab your favorite set of Legos and join us as we delve into the exciting possibilities of building up and out!

Introduction to Lego Horizontal

When it comes to playing with Legos, there are no rules. You can build whatever you want, however you want. But if you’re new to the game, you might not know where to start. That’s where Lego horizontal comes in.

Lego horizontal is a building technique that involves laying your bricks flat on their sides, rather than standing them up on their end. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your Lego creations. And once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to build all sorts of amazing things.

So why build horizontally? For one thing, it’s a lot easier to make complex shapes and patterns when your bricks are lying down. You can also fit more bricks into a smaller space this way. Plus, it’s just more fun!

Ready to give it a try? Here’s a quick introduction to Lego horizontal.

Benefits of Building with Lego Horizontal

There are many benefits of building with Lego horizontal. One benefit is that it allows for more creativity and imagination in the construction process. It also encourages children to think outside the box and be more resourceful with their Lego building blocks. Additionally, building with Lego horizontal develops problem-solving skills and fine motor skills. It also promotes spatial awareness and helps children to better understand the relationship between objects.

Creative Ways to Use Lego Horizontal

There are many ways to use Lego horizontal, and the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Here are a few creative ways to use Lego horizontal:

  1. Use it as a base for a sculpture or other artwork.
  2. Build a wall or partition with it.
  3. Use it to create a unique piece of furniture.
  4. Make a large-scale mosaic with it.
  5. Use it to build a life-size replica of something (e.g., a car, animal, person, etc.).

Tips and Tricks for Building With Lego Horizontal

If you’re looking to add a little more creativity to your Lego building, consider working with horizontal elements. Horizontal building can create some really interesting visual effects, and it’s a great way to add stability to your structures. Here are a few tips and tricks for working with horizontal elements in your Lego builds:

  • Use long, flat plates to create horizontal surfaces. You can then use these surfaces to build up, creating layered effects.
  • Connect multiple plates together to create long, uninterrupted stretches of horizontal surface. This is great for creating bridges or other spanning structures.
  • UseTechnic beams or other hollow elements to create ‘walls’ that you can then fill in with other bricks. This is a great way to create solid, stable structures.
  • Use horizontal elements to create ‘windows’ or ‘doors’ in your buildings. By cutting holes in your plate surfaces, you can add an extra level of detail and realism to your Lego creations.

Examples of Projects Made With Lego Horizontal

There are many examples of projects made with Lego horizontal. Some are small, like a coffee table or end table, while others are large and complex, like a full-sized house or office building. Regardless of size, all of these projects have one thing in common: they were built using Lego horizontal bricks.

One example of a small project made with Lego horizontal is this coffee table. It was built using only Lego horizontal bricks, and it has a very simple, yet elegant design. The coffee table is perfect for any room in your home, and it would make a great addition to your Lego collection.

If you’re looking for something a little more complex, check out this office building. It was also built using only Lego horizontal bricks, and it features multiple floors and multiple rooms. This office building would be perfect for any business or corporation, and it would be sure to impress your clients and employees.

These are just two examples of the many projects that can be made with Lego horizontal bricks. Whether you’re looking for a simple project or something more complex, you can find it with Lego horizontal bricks. So start building today!


We hope this article has given you an insight into the world of LEGO horizontal building. This unique form of construction requires careful consideration and patience to construct a balanced structure, but the results can be just as impressive as vertically stacked structures. Whether you are looking for new ways to challenge yourself or if you want to create something truly unique with your LEGO collection, we encourage you to try out these techniques today!


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