Can CVMarkets serve my trading needs? Review 2021

Another horrific dream, I tell myself and lie down again. I start thinking about how to put an end to my ever-growing anxiety. What on earth can bring me peaceful nights back? Should I quit? Is trading not my thing? I was sick and tired of such repetitive thoughts. With every passing moment, I had a developing urge to give up on my passion and opt for something else. I have no idea what kept me stuck for so long. But whatever it was, I owe it a huge thank you. 

Trading was not as easy as I thought it’d be, initially. I heard stories of people falling for scams every now and then and this made me think about what ensures that I will not end up losing my fortune this way someday. Although my questions never met answers, I met my old professor. He asked me what I was up to these days and I gave him an in-depth account of my declining trading career. ‘Oh did you make an account on any of the brokerage firms?’ he asked, sipping his coffee. ‘No sir, they’re all looters. Trusting them marks you a fool’. On hearing my sweeping statement he was taken aback and asked me to look for a reliable forex firm and join it soon. ‘My son says, CVMarkets is a great firm, see if it works for you’. I was never a fan of firms and online ones in particular but these worlds coming from a man like him made me rethink. I was ready to look into what CVMarkets was. 

I opened the website, went through it quickly, and at the very moment, I knew maybe it could be of some help. Soon I got in contact with some of my senior colleagues, went through the documentation, scrutinized the policies and once my research was done, I was ready to join it. 

CVMarkets is my trading partner for around a couple of years now and how my business grew with this platform is certainly astonishing. These years I’ve been a satisfied user who wishes to continue trading using this forum. I know many close friends who’re associated with other firms but I know CVMarkets is best for my business needs. 

I would like to call it an account of my experience with CVMarkets, instead of a review because I wish to convey important information that’ll help you all grow as traders. I hope you’ll enjoy how CVMarkets helped me get back to peaceful sleep. So let us start! 


When I joined first I had no idea what exploring meant in the trading world. Because I was super afraid all the time I never wanted to go into the diverse range of options the platform had for me. I need to say that it was CVMarkets who gave me all the confidence it took to become an established trader with a diverse portfolio. The forum allows one to trade along with 200+ trading options. You can make use of stocks, commodities, currencies, Indices, crypto and never let an opportunity slip off. You are always welcomed to use whatever you’re most comfortable with and also keep exploring the other options available. I still remember the first time I got into the bitcoin business. Had it not been CVMarkets, I would’ve still been oblivious to all the good bitcoin can bring a trader. 

Easy on the pocket?

I am in a habit of always comparing my platform to the others to ensure I don’t miss something important. This is why I’m not only a loyal customer but also a critical analysis of the platform and this makes me feel my side of the story will help you decide easily. So, I’ve seen that this forum is cheaper than the competitors. It offers minimal prices. Although there are platforms that let you open an account for free when picking a forex platform there are a billion other things you need to bring under consideration. So keeping all that in the back of my mind, I’ll say that despite this CVMarkets leads all. 

There’s another reason why I call it easy on pocket because they let you pick between a number of plans and you don’t get to pay for features that you don’t want to make use of. 

The high-end accounts of CVMarkets namely Libra and Diamond fall in the list of top forex traders. While the rest of them have a comparable ranking. These include Platinum, Gold, Basic, and Self-Managed.

Picking the best account

Being a trader, I know no one account can be called the best for all. Because all traders have varying needs and they want their accounts to have features and prices right according to what they want. I will briefly tell you what all these accounts are and what sort of trader should pick each one of them. 


Let’s start off with the Self Managed Account. This is the one best for beginners. You need to deposit 250 euros and you’re ready to roll. I know it is a large amount for young buds and there are platforms that offer free accounts to new users. I would love to hear this happening here but the features you get hold of won’t be available to you in a free account. You can get this to get yourself acquainted with the basics and then you can always upgrade. 


Next comes the Basic Account. You need to deposit a total of 5k Euros and all the tools lie a few clicks away. This has improved features than the Self-Manage account such as Basic Spreads, special venture, leverage up to 200, etc. 


Gold account has even better to offer you but at the cost of 10k euros. This is also a fair deal. It has all the basic accounts but some added specs such as trading signals, financial planning, availability of a private analyst, risk management and financial planning, Gold spreads, and much more.


I am currently a Platinum user. You will have to deposit 25k euros. It has all the features of the Gold account but in an improved form. I would love to mention the fact that you’re invited to VIP events which are always fun to attend. 


The diamond account is the highest you can buy. Deposit 50k euros and you’re good to go. This also has extra and enhanced features. I’ve heard the Bitcoin trade room package is one of the most famous ones, thanks to the crypto buzz. 


Libra is the best of all but it’s an invite-only account. I must say this is the one traders aspire to have. With the invitation comes validation and then all the privileges in the most improved form lie at your fingertips. You have to qualify for the CVMarkets Loyalty Program. And for that, you need to be consistent on the platform. A friend of mine kept a high rate in forex volume and his account was upgraded to Libra. 

Innovative Tools

Trading is a process that is improved and a lot of appropriate tools are used the right way. This forum lets you get your hands on the most innovative tools. Not only this, they ensure that the command execution is efficient. I have been a huge fan of chart tools and particularly the live chat which keeps you updated about the market scenario. These time-to-time updates, positively influence your decision-making. Watch rundown, alerts, and screener allow you to take the lead. 

Ease of access

You cannot always carry your laptop to places, nor can you always work on your phone. There are many forums out there that run on one of these and can’t imagine working this way. I’m glad, CVMarkets supports both phone and web letting you use the impeccable services on both your palmtop and tabletop. Also, the interface is not compromised either way. 

Learn till the end

CVMarkets realizes how imperative it is to stay connected to upgrading information and enhancing your knowledge. Irrespective of the number of years you’ve spent in the field, you are always expected to keep looking for more in order to become or stay successful. This is why they have assigned a whole segment to literature that is there to help you enhance your knowledge. It has subsections such as FAQ and eBooks. All these are comprehensively laid out and also designed in a way that they save your time. It would be great if they had included video lectures for the ones who aren’t acid readers. 


There’s a lot more to this platform that has not been discussed such as an ever welcoming customer services department, user-friendliness, easy navigation, various ways to deposit and withdraw funds, fools proof security measures. All of this together has made me a satisfied user who doesn’t wish to switch to some other platform any time soon. 

I feel the need to say that my experience with CVMarkets has been remarkable and I’ve seen myself evolve into a better trader with CVMarkets. But no one can assess your needs and wants better than you yourself. A little more research never hurts. Good luck. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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