Can WaltonChase help you chase your dreams? – Review 2021

The trading world has undergone a number of developments to reach where it stands today. These evolutionary changes were primarily to cater to the growing needs of the traders. Gone is the time when forex traders had to go all the way to the stock exchange to invest money in the market. Now, what you got after miles of travelling is at your fingertips. Fish out your phone, and invest with Contract for Differences, CFD. Convenient, isn’t it? This digitalization has made information and statistics super available and hence the processes making use of them have been made very simple. 

With every passing second, there are advancements in the trading world and one way to keep up with the forex world is to get an account made on good forex brokerage. Your association with such platforms certainly has the potential of turning tables for you but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to be cautious while picking a firm. As the world noticed the shift of people towards forex platforms, an influx of such forums was seen. With a large number of such firms, where customers have more options, there was an increased chance of people meeting scam companies. Now the question remains, how do young traders analyze and ensure that their picked firm is reliable and efficient. 

Well, you do not need to worry, because I have been through exactly what I’m referring to. I clearly know the dos and don’ts of these areas so I’ve decided to help you out. I’ll give an account of my venture with my favourite forex platform in a way that you learn what to see in a forex firm. Hopefully, by the end of this review, you’ll be able to research your way to the best platform. 

Well, it happened a few years back. I can’t recall how, but somehow I bumped into a firm called WaltonChase. I myself was sceptical if I should trust it with my assets but these 3 years have proved that my choice was worth it. I didn’t only earn but also learned a lot. And this knowledge keeps benefiting me to date. 

Let’s jump into why I decided to stick to it for years to come. But before I start off, let me tell you that these firms aren’t perfect and each one of these has its own flaws. You need to see which flaw you can work with. But never compromise on factors like security, customer care, etc. 

Theme and Design

Theme, design, graphics are some areas that demand significant attention and work.

WaltonChase has a very well-trained server in terms of graphics and navigation. You easily end up landing on the button you’re looking for. I know for a fact that everything has been placed keeping in mind that traders with different experiences make it to the platform. 

Graphics are spot in since they stand differentiated on the dark background. But there’s more to theme and design. When I first opened the website, I never realized it’s important but after using it for longer time periods and particularly reaching the charting phase, I knew colours mattered.  Financial tools might get really boring and if they’re complemented with boring colours, things can be really bad. Many people feel that that dark backdrop is cool but I am not a huge fan of such monochorionic themes. It would be great if WaltonChase looks into an introduction of an option that lets one customize the colour scheme, if not for the entire website, then for the charting segment. 

What’s with the accounts offered?

Now that we’ve talked about the server theme, let’s get into a more serious business. Once you open the site, you’ll see that when you want to open an account you’ll be made to pick between some accounts. Now how do you know which ones to go for? I’ll guide you through it. You can choose between

1- Platinum Account

2- Gold Account

3- Silver Account

Silver is for beginners. It doesn’t have a lot to offer but you can certainly get it to get yourself acquainted with the forex world and the website. Once you feel like you’ve learned it all you can always upgrade to higher accounts, depending on the needs of your business. Next comes silver. I picked silver because I was well aware of the basic features and my business demanded more. Obviously, the features you get on the silver account are enhanced and improved than silver and this is what happens with Platinum. The more you pay, the better you get but never keep aside what suits your needs. 

Tools are for fools?

Obviously, no. If you’re an experienced trader, you know tools can work like magic if used the right way. WaltonChase happens to be a firm that offers effective and efficient tools. I am a frequent user of the chart tool. It is important that you keep an eye on the ever-changing market scenario before and while making a decision. It gives you greater control over the output and char helps you see what’s exactly happening in a few moments. Charts can be optimized according to what chart type you’re comfortable with. My favourite is the scatter graph. 

There is a plethora of other tools such as panels that aid selection, sorting out assets according to trends, name, and daily percentage name, asset price movements, etc. One thing that I’d like to mention is that there is a pop-up chart that no doubt gives you first-hand information but it blocks the chart view. It should be placed towards any side. 

Enhance your portfolio

WaltonChase lets you greatly expand your profile by letting you trade assets from alternative options such as Crypto, Forex, Stock, Indices, and commodities. Although my first crypto venture was with the help of WaltonChase’ssenior account managers, I am looking forward to the introduction of more such options. 

Consult experienced brokers

WaltonChase, let’s you get in touch with experienced personnel who’ve been associated with the areas for long durations. They keep an eye on the ups and downs in the market and give their expert opinion on matters. One can easily get in contact with them, explain their matter, and seek guidance. Keep in mind that these professionals never influence your choices. In fact, they keep telling you about the various options that you can make use of. Also, they keep reinforcing that it’s the client who holds the right only to make the final move. 

My manager was a guy who’d seen trading evolve and he always advised me how to pick the right strategy. If you’re a young bud, you can get their expert opinion.

Withdrawal and Deposit

We’ve been talking about the changing time and changing needs of traders. WaltonChase has always been mindful of the fact that traders with diverse experiences, backgrounds, and choices are their customers. And to cater to their varying needs, options are made available in most of the areas. One such example is that customers are allowed to withdraw funds and deposit them in the form of Credit Cards, Bitcoins, Debit Cards, and Bank Wire Transfers. But there’s a  minimum withdrawal amount of 100USD/GBP/EUR. Also, you need to pay 1% of the fee with $30-300 USD/GBP/EUR. 

Another suggested improvement is that the company introduces PayPal because its nonavailability bothers consumers of e-commerce. 

Legal Corner

WaltonChase needs to be praised for the approach that they’ve made use of to put forth their legal section. The amount of transparency and straightforwardness is commendable. They have clearly stated their policies and stances on areas like privacy policy, Withdrawal, Refund, and Cancellation policy, Bonus Policy, Risk Disclosure statement, terms and conditions. All these help the user establish trust in the platform and continue using it. 

Educating you

On the top panel of the website, there’s an option called Education Center. WaltonChase won’t let go of the fact that be it traders it not, everyone needs to be educated about their respected fields. This is why they’ve brought forward four sub-sections. These include ebooks, FAQ, Glossary, and Asset Index. In the ebooks section, there are a total of 12 ebooks that cater to both experienced and new traders. FAQs have been sub-divided into categories that help the users reach answers fast. These categories include Trading, Platform, Funding, Open Account, and Support. Glossary and Asset Index have also been alphabetically arranged. 

The final world

There’s a lot more to the trading platform WaltonChase that is concealed to you and you’ll learn what benefits it can bore you only if you use it. But this platform, like all others, isn’t perfect and there are some shortcomings. Before picking a platform, it is always wise to do your research and also make sure you visit the website yourself and see what it has to offer you. Good luck with your venture. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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