Carter-Williams Review 2021 – Is Carter-Williams Worth Your Time And Investment?

The Internet is full of knowledge on brokerage, and new trading platforms keep on emerging. It’s overwhelming to find the right platform for yourself. Especially one that provides amazing services and is not expensive at the same time.

Seems like your lucky stars are in orbit today because I have found a CFD platform for you that checks all these criteria. It also has features such as charting, specialised analysis, and a stock scanner to make your trading experience easier. This innovative platform is Carter-Williams, owned and operated by Carter-William LTD, which is a worldwide brand dedicated to providing a solitary hub for traders.

As an experienced trader, I feel that Carter-Williams is suitable for not only adept. traders but novices too. To give you an insight into this online trading platform, I will discuss all the services it provides. While pointing out certain areas that can further improve on this platform.

Types of Account

Carter-Williams caters to all kinds of traders. You may be an amateur or an expert, their services are suitable for everyone. They offer four different accounts to access their well-organised base: providing assistance, education, ease of utilisation, and the finest trading tools.

The details of each type of account and their deposit prices which I have elaborated below to assist you in deciding the one that suits you best.

Basic Account

If you are a newbie at trading or want to assess the services of the platform, then this account is suitable for you. The account requires a deposit of 250 Euros and provides the most basic and minimum features including over 200 tradable assets, market review, and leverage up to 100. These facilities are enough for any new trader to step into the market.

If you have been in trading for a while, then I will not suggest getting this account. Rather start with a better and more versatile account type that has more features.

Silver Account

For a new trading venture, this is a considerably better account type than basic, in my opinion. It requires a deposit of 10,000 Euros. You get your own dedicated senior account manager, which is very helpful for both novice traders and expert ones. Along with this, you will receive bonus funds, gold spread, and leverage up to 200. They also provide trade room analysis, financial planning, risk management planning, monthly webinars, and special venture promotion to enhance your knowledge of trading. They ensure their clients are up-to-date with the market. And you also get a better-prioritised withdrawal system.

Gold Account

The deposit requirement is 25,000 Euros. Features include all the facilities provided for the silver-type account along with advanced features, platinum spreads, trading signal, upgraded trade room, private analyst sessions, weekly webinars, upgraded withdrawal procedure, and leverage up to 300.

Platinum Account

This is the most advanced account type available on Carters-William. It has a deposit requirement of 100,000 Euros. The features provided include VIP spreads, complete access to trading signals, complete access to webinars, top priority withdrawal procedures, and leverage up to 400.

I am using a platinum account and I am very content with the services provided. I enjoy all the tools that I get with the amazing and easy-to-use chart. The best feature for me is the webinars. They are very helpful in making sure I stay up to date with the market.

Carter-Williams Features


Carter-Williams offers immense customisation of charts, which makes it ideal for performing custom specialised analysis. You can choose the display style of the charts between candle, bar, OHLE, spline, scatter, and line charts. Along with this, there is a vast range of chart timescales and stretch lengths you can opt from. A huge benefit is the ease of access. They provide a wide scope of specialised investigations to add to the charts with one simple click.

However, this ease of access comes at the cost of control. In my experience since I was new, even though I had the option to tweak the time of specialised analysis, it was daunting to adjust the current marker and characterise a custom pointer. I simply had to get some assistance from the quick and live customer service or my account manager and I was set on track.

A drawback is that the coherent arrangement of charts takes some effort on your part. I personally find it difficult to change the x-andy-axis measures of any chart without facing numerous menus. Above all, the default chart view meets exactly my preference. I find it easy to see the short spans plotted over a moderate scale, hence I always have the option to change it to line or OHLC. However, this is just my personal experience and some people might even prefer using the default setting.

I love using the chart and the tools and even like to play around with them and learn more. Just having the experience to get to know all services that the platform provides can help a new trader in gaining more accuracy for estimating their asset analysis. So, go ahead and take full advantage of that fully customizable chart and all the innovative tools.


This is one of the most exceptional features of Carter-Williams. They offer great research information for all endorsers. Since all members of the platform have access to the research information. But even better options are available for people holding upgraded accounts. Since I have a platinum account, I can even attend the VIP events. My account manager also keeps me up-to-date to the market and assists me in planning out my trade.

I feel that the research is a very accurate and useful feature if you are a member of the platform. Most research that is accessible to you depends upon the account type you are using. For basic account types, you can only access market reviews, whereas the rest of the accounts get more detailed information.

Streamlined User Interface

Carter-Williams has an accessible and easy-to-use interface, which is very beneficial for even a novice trader to understand and operate. Once I opened the website, I was taken to a landing page with a distinct backdrop. Even though I personally feel that the theme is not suitable for the trading platform, however, it does not undermine its various amazing features. All the information is available comprehensively and the categorisation helped in navigating my way through the website. The layout is simple, clutter-free, and uncomplicated.

What particularly caught my attention was the fact that the website incorporates the basic frameworks of a trading platform without confusing the user with extra features. This makes it easy for a newbie to master their way around. Its well-aligned interface makes it only a matter of getting a good grasp on the service option before you can move on to the related pages like education center, account types, etc.

Security Regulations

Repeat after me “Never sign up for an online trading platform before understanding its security regulation.” Now slowly say it again.

Some particular blunders I made in the early days landed me right into the laps of scam servers, inculcating a fear for online trading platforms. Not only did I lose money, but also sensitive information and documentation. This taught me a good lesson that I held on to for the rest of my trading journey, to understand the security regulations before opting for the platform. Carter-Williams is transparent and reliable. They ensure their users are well-aware of their security policies, keeping my mind at ease. I also found their customer service impressive and effective in keeping their clients well-informed.

Once I was completely content with the security regulation, I signed up for the platform. They require your email address and full name for sign up, after which you receive a verification email that takes you to the verification process. For your verification, you need to provide your government-issued identity card. It takes time to confirm your ID, but it is all worth it because their protocols are crystal clear, and based on my experience, I found nothing fishy about them.

Terms and conditions are available at the bottom of their main page, under the Legal section and a disclaimer ensures the users are well aware of the risks involved in online trading regardless of Contract of Differences (CFD). To prevent any complications, their team supervises all transactions.

Educational material

The educational center makes the platform further stand out. The aim and focus of the educational content available are to get the newbie traders comfortable and confident. However, expert traders can use the vast collection as well because of the addition of advanced material and eBooks. The list of categories available at the education center includes FAQ, Glossary, eBooks, Asset Index, Webinars, Market reviews, Financial Planning, Private sessions with an analyst, Risk management planning, and Trade room analysis.

A significant addition to the platform can be to include video lectures to make the learning experience more engaging.

Why do I prefer Carter-Williams?

It is their cost-effective services that initially attracted me. Not only are they inexpensive, but also offer free eBooks. Along with this, they cater to all kinds of traders by providing different accounts. The registration makes it convenient for even novice traders to start their own trading ventures. Once acclimated with Carter-Williams, their specialised analysis, and visual stock scanners will make it easy for you to direct quick analysis.

Their security regulations are extremely effective too. I personally believe that Carter-Williams has more benefits than drawbacks. Though their education center should include video lectures.

Is Carter-Williams worth your time?

Carter-Williams is suitable for both experienced and beginner traders. Their vast range of trading choices (stocks, indices, crypto, commodities, and forex) and options to rapidly accumulate trading analysis make it convenient for all kinds of traders. They hugely emphasise discovering stocks that are breaking out and depicting progress through charts. Specialized traders will find their advanced features impressive, while novice traders will love their beginner-friendly features such as a stock screener.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.     


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