Coffee May Be The Cause Of Reduced Erection

Coffee is the most familiar drink for busy men. it can also cause a decrease in an erection.

It is a work companion that awakens drowsiness and concentrates.

However, depending on the type of coffee, it can also cause a decrease in an erection.

Awakening drowsiness in the morning, a cup after a meal, staying up all night, “coffee” for men who work hard. I think many male office workers drink it almost every day.

Coffee is especially popular with men for awakening when sleepy and recovering from fatigue when tired. Among them, canned coffee is widely used because it can be purchased anywhere and is convenient to carry.

Coffee is sometimes said to be good for your health and Vilitra 40 and Cenforce 150 to improve your intimate function. However, it turned out that canned coffee also has the effect of reducing energy.

Decreased energy

Not all canned coffees cause a loss of energy. Of particular note is “sweetened milk coffee.”

Decrease in androgens

Canned coffee contains a large amount of sugar. Ingesting large amounts of sugar raises blood sugar levels in the body. To stop this rise in blood sugar, the pancreas secretes a type of hormone called insulin.

The effect of lower blood sugar levels. Of course, regular diets also contain sugar, and there is no problem with insulin being secreted to suppress sugar.

The danger is a sudden drop in blood sugar in a short period of time. Canned coffee itself is different from PET bottle drinks, and you can drink it in a short time after opening the can. In other words, canned coffee consumes a large amount of sugar in a short time and secretes insulin to lower the blood sugar level that has risen sharply.

This short cycle of rising and fall blocks the secretion of testosterone, the source of energy, and the rampaging androgen.

Testosterone is so closely associated with a male function that it is also called a love hormone or mote hormone. Decreased testosterone levels carry the risk of diminished libido and erection.

Inhibits zinc absorption

Overdose of caffeine also carries the risk of inhibiting the absorption of zinc, the source of testosterone.

Zinc is a component that needs to be taken regularly because it cannot accumulate more than a certain amount in the body. It is said to improve male infertility because it mainly works to increase the healthy sperm required for natural pregnancy.

Zinc also affects increasing testosterone, which is the source of energy, so it is an important ingredient for maintaining and improving male erection.

Can’t you drink coffee?

It’s difficult to suddenly cut off the canned coffee that you used to drink every day.

Coffee has not only bad things but also good health benefits. Here are some points to keep in mind as you continue to drink coffee.

If you drink coffee

Drink sugar-free black, which is less likely to cause a sudden effect on blood sugar levels

Don’t drink many bottles a day (avoid an overdose of caffeine)

We also do not recommend taking caffeine before going to bed. Testosterone, the source of energy, is secreted mostly during sleep. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, it can interfere with testosterone erection.

Are deeply roasted beans better than lightly roasted beans?

The deeper the roast, the more effective the organic whole-bean black coffee. In various foods, the darker the color, the better the health, and deep roasted coffee is no exception. We recommend beans such as French roast and Italian roast used for espresso and Turkish coffee.

When roasted, coffee beans contain more neuroprotective substances than raw beans. Molecular Nutrition & Food Research (molecular nutrition in the latest study by the Science and Food Research) magazine, shallow towards the beans roasted depth than the beans roasted is, such as vitamin E and glutathione, recovery affects the blood levels of antioxidants Was reported to be high.

In addition, it has been reported that deeply roasted beans showed considerable weight loss in volunteers with pre-obesity (obesity).


Recently, energy drinks have become popular, in addition to coffee. Some products contain caffeine, which is equivalent to coffee, and are especially popular with the younger generation.

However, the same thing can be said for energy drinks for canned coffee. Energy drinks include large amounts of sugar and can interfere with androgen secretion.

You may see an advertisement that reminds you of energy drinks, but be aware that an overdose of sugar. Vilitra 60 and Vilitra 20 is treat for ED.

Like everything else, coffee is not suitable for drinking too much. However, despite numerous studies, no studies have shown that consuming moderate amounts of coffee increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and other serious illnesses.

Coffee, in the right amount, may have many unknown health-promoting effects. Seeing the amazing list of therapeutic benefits of coffee, I had to change my coffee recommendations. Coffee reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Despite previous threatening warnings that coffee should be avoided, coffee is consumed in large quantities around the world. The therapeutic benefits of coffee are no longer controversial, but the use and seasoning of coffee with creaming powder, sugar, and other sweeteners not only makes it ineffective but also has adverse health effects.

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