Combatting Identity Fraud with AI-enabled Document Authentication

It’s no mystery that identity theft has become one of the most rising issues for digital companies. According to a report on identity theft statistics, there were 14.4 million sufferers of violations associated with identity scams and theft in 2020 only. Therefore, as virtual currency rises due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of fraudulent activities and data breaches and the cases of cyber crimes are also rising.

Therefore, online identity document scanning solutions are also becoming popular. Combined with intelligent technologies, identity document verification solutions make sure client verification employing a government-issued identity document.  Artificial intelligence-based ID authentication ensures to precisely process, verify and authenticate the identities at measure. Let’s take a closer look at how artificial intelligent enabled online document verification services assist in securing organizations against identity frauds. 

How Artificial Intelligence Document Verification To Combat Fraud?

The majority of people have experienced this moment either at the start of the enrollment process or performing any transaction, where an individual is requested to submit a government-issued identity document such as a driver’s license, passport, or utility bills. The authorized officer authenticates the information on the identity documents and compares the image on the identity document against the features of the client to ensure that the individual is not a fraudster trying to extract a quick one. 

These days artificial intelligence is performing a similar character as that of the authorized officer, using the system that enables identity document verification services remotely through digital document authentication. This technique enables organizations to carry out payments remotely by authenticating that the individual on the other side of the transaction is a legitimate person. 

As the imposters are growing to become more intelligent it is necessary to follow up since there are so several methods to generate forged documents and enable individuals to declare the identity of a different person. However, digital technology assists in identifying and reducing scams.

Listed below are a few techniques of document scam that criminals use to fake the identity:

Illegal Documents

Illegal documents are absolutely fake documents. They lack the qualities of original documents such as blurriness, exposure, and other modern standards on the genuine identity documents.

Invalid Documents

Invalid documents aren’t tampered with or manipulated documents but they have actually withdrawn documents that imposters use to gain access to the document verification.

Modified Documents

These are legitimate and genuine documents that are modified to fool the authentication. Most of the altered documents are designed by imposters in such a style that it becomes tough for people to recognize any modifications. Still, artificial intelligence-enabled document verification solutions can recognize the forged documents by examining the hologram and rainbow. 

How to Compare Document Authentication using Artificial Intelligence and ML?

AI-enabled document verification solutions consider various characteristics of the ID while verifying customer identity. Some of these comparisons include:

Authenticity Checks

Artificial intelligence and ML techniques ensure that the document submitted for authentication is real and genuine

Format Identification

Artificial intelligence Technology solutions have the capability to recognize the precise arrangement of the documents.

Verifying the machine-readable zone code

Artificial intelligence checks the authenticity of the MRZ code by assessing if this category has been altered or modified within the document.  After making sure of the authenticity of the report, it decodes the machine-readable zone and compares it versus the data on the report. 

Identifying crumpled and folded corners 

Since the documents are made of paper which is why they are likely to wear and tear. Artificial intelligence is a system that performs checks to recognize folded and crumpled corners on the report that might change its authenticity. 

Identifying signs of forged and photoshopped images

Upon training of the correct information, the artificial intelligence algorithm becomes proficient in accurately identifying any signs of tampering even if there is a minor change in a  single pixel. These types of tampered documents are hard to detect with a naked human eye. 

Verifying rainbow prints and holograms 

Government-issued ID involves precise rainbow prints and holograms. Artificial intelligence-based document verification solutions have the capability to identify any modification or tempering in these rainbow prints and holograms. 

Recognizing Special Paper And WaterColor

 To confront identity frauds, government-issued identity documents use specific paper and inks. Artificial intelligence has the ability to authenticate the special watercolor and paper on the documents 

Examining the micro prints

Govt-authorized Identity documents have a rainbow as an extra security layer to reduce fraud. Artificial intelligence checks microprinting for verifying reports.

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