Common mistakes in Painting Home

We often appreciate a house for its interiors, location, and maintenance. But ever thought what is it that brings life to all these elements? Well, the most underrated element that adds layer, character, and oomph to a house is the colors of the walls. Be it the interiors or the exteriors, colors uplift the vibe of the house. Wall painting is the most feasible, easy, and sought-after option of giving a new look to an old house but in the process, numerous common mistakes are made.

      Talking about mistakes made while painting homes, the first one that comes up is water seepage issues being overlooked. Try and make sure to take care of these leakages on primary levels before approaching professionals offering waterproofing solutions. Though there are plenty of agencies for waterproofing solutions in Delhi, NCR and other metro locations can be a costly affair. Hence, some small, everyday measures that you as a resident can adhere to like checking for faulty pipes, applying wall protectors, and many more. Maximum effort and thought are put into making the house beautiful from the inside often neglecting theexteriorshouse painting design.  Having highlighted these, let us look at some other common mistakes in house painting here.

  • Quality Matters – For anything, let alone your walls, the quality of the product determines its life, durability, and attractiveness. If you were opt-in for paints that have the superior quality you probably might not need multiple coats. But if you compromise on the quality, you might have to end up painting at now and then, thereby proving to be a more costly affair.
  • Right equipment brings along Right Finish – Gone are those days when the painting would only be done with a brush. The newer trends include using rollers, trays, and stencils. They help cover the area to be painted in a much better way depending on which areas are to be painted. For instance, smaller surfaces or corners can be covered well with brushes whereas rollers help to paint larger walls, ceilings, and others.
  • Begin with Primer, End with Touch-up – Painting too like all other tasks must be done in a properly planned and systematic step-by-step manner. Putting up a layer of primer can give an enhanced look to the walls by leveling up uneven surfaces, taking care of spots and color differences. And after painting the last coat make sure to do a touch-up. It is necessary to give it that last professional finishing touch for longer life and a better look.
  • Keep a check on that water! – As stated in the very beginning, water seepages and leakages shouldn’t be ignored and checked right at once before go ahead with painting. Dripping and wet walls not just cause a hindrance in paint drying, but also rob off the beauty and effort by spoiling the sheen, peeling paint, and cracked surfaces. Do take steps for ensuring absolute waterproofing.
  • Cover everything but the walls – One very common mistake that is observed while painting homes is that quite a few knobs, fixtures, or pieces of furniture are left uncovered. While carrying out painting, it’s obvious that some drops might just drop here and there. Covering furniture and articles in the rooms will secure them from paint-stains and keep them fit for use later.

Always remember, ‘Everything that attracts at first doesn’t always pull later’. Amongst a wide range of options, choose wall paints wisely for the paints bring essence to your dream abode.

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