JPG refers to a commonly used format, particularly to support those images that are produced by digital photography. In JPG, the degree of compression can be adjusted and it allows a selectable trade-off among storage size and quality of the image. In addition, PNG or Portable Network Graphics is a raster graphics file format for supporting lossless data compression. It was developed as a better-quality and non-patented replacement for Graphics Interchange Format. It supports palette-based images as well as grayscale images or RGBA images. However, both formats are not editable thus to make any changes in them we need to convert PNG and jpg to word format. 

Microsoft Word document refers to a file format used by Microsoft Word as well as OpenOffice. Word files contain formatted writing, pictures, tables, diagrams, maps, and print settings that can be edited as per needs and requirements. 

Convert Images to editable MS word file with digital tools

There are numerous ways to convert JPG and PNG to editable MS word files using online converters and software. Some of them are as follows:

Duplichecker- jpg to word converter 

Duplichecker offers a web-based JPG to Word Converter that allows users to convert jpg to word online within a few seconds. This JPG to Word Converter offers an easy-to-use interface and is available without any cost for everyone around the globe. To convert jpg to word online, the user needs to Upload the JPG files and click on the “Convert to Word ” option. Within a few moments, it will convert jpg to word online. Users can make changes according to requirements and edit the document. While using this converter you don’t need to use any specific device you can use on any device. It offers the option to Download and gets the files on the device. While converting from jpg to word it does not affect the quality and makes sure that none of the words are skipped.  


With the progress in the digital world, there are multiple photos to text converters online to assist you but SmallSEOTools is determined to provide quality services in the blink of an eye. Its working methodology is simple and divided into some simple steps. The user needs to upload the required photo or its URL and submit it. This online free jpg to word converter will automatically and immediately start analyzing the words in the photograph and Once the analysis is complete it will extract the information and convert it into an editable word format. This JPG to word converter is free to use and easily accessible around the globe. 


This tool is all there to extract the text from jpg and png formats and convert it into an editable word document with excellence in a very short period. Once the user uploads the file in this software and the conversion process is complete, it will delete the data from its database within 60 minutes to assure the user’s safety and privacy. However, before someone uses this tool there is a need to make sure that they have installed an efficient ad blocker as this tool will bring a list of annoying ads. This service to convert jpeg files to multiple sets of word files keeps the quality intact as well as offers mass conversion. 


This is another efficient online tool to convert jpg or png to word format with ease. This online image to word converter offers an exclusive feature that makes it very idiosyncratic among its competitors. Once the user has selected the image for conversion, this tool will mail a jpg file to a website which is specified for each tool with the target format. Consequently, it will convert the file within a few moments and save it in the device as well as mail. Many times Students and different organizations need to convert images into editable word format. With the assistance of this converter online, they will be able to extract the text from pictures.

This online tool can easily convert a JPG file to WORD and also offers many more features. A user just requires to select the files, which they need to merge, edit, unlock or convert. Depending on the files it offers the option to set many options. Such as a user can select particular pages, rotate PDF pages, split files, and many more. Once the file is converted into word format it can further convert into PDF.  This converter also offers PDF protection for printing, copying, and editing. There are many customization options such as the setting of header/footer, layout, and compression. The maximum file size limit of this jpg to word converter is 100 MB. In addition, files must not surpass the limit of 150 MB. There is an option to select up to 20 files simultaneously. 

To the end

All These tools are specialized for instantaneous and precise deliveries. So make your life easy and get yourself a jpg to word converter online without any cost. Additionally, all these jpg to word converters are capable of welcoming languages other than English such as Chinese, Italian, Turkish, and many more. 


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