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Copywriting adapted to Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Independents

The blank page is not inevitable. We can all learn to write blog posts that generate hundreds of shares, newsletters with thousands of readers, and product pages that convert.


After learning the best copywriting course, the trainee will know:

  • Write texts adapted to Internet requirements
  • Write relevant content for online advertising
  • Develop a relationship with your audience through copywriting (blog, emailing, etc.)
  • Encourage your audience to action thanks to engaging copywriting techniques

1.      Theoretical course program

Module 1: Writing for the web and its specificities

  • A methodological approach to copywriting
  • Write for online advertising (Facebook, Google, Instagram advertising)
  • Script a YouTube video
  • The art of collecting customer reviews
  • Write guest articles for partners
  • Emailing fundamentals

Module 2 – Building a lasting relationship

  • Write quality blog posts
  • Write and promote a white paper
  • Write a newsletter
  • Design an editorial calendar
  • Principles of conversational emailing

Module 3: Triggering a Decisive Moment in Your Writing

  • Adapt your copywriting to your objective
  • Increase your conversion rate through effective copywriting
  • Design an email sequence through a product launch
  • Design a sales funnel thanks to copywriting
  • Promote cross sell or upsell through specific copywriting

Means you will be able to provide all type of writing services available worldwide.

2.       Follow-up and support

All the students in the purchase course benefit from personalized follow-up throughout the training. This monitoring takes several forms:

  • Unlimited email access to the mentor to ask all their questions
  • Weekly individual question-and-answer sessions
  • Access to the live community and to the private Facebook training group, which allows the trainee to discuss and collaborate with graduates.

Thanks to our dedicated team, we remain fully at the disposal of our trainees by email, even after the course.


  • Knowledge of PC or Mac computer tools
  • Web practice

Profile of participants

  • Marketing managers
  • Internet managers
  • Product managers and employees involved in the implementation of Internet solutions
  • Communication managers and officers
  • Advertising managers
  • Business creators
  • Copywriting Consultants
  • Copywriters
  • Journalists
  • Anyone wishing to create a merchant or commercial activity on the Internet

Pedagogy and organization

Organizer profile:

Maginesolutions organizer graduated from a prestigious Business School, but he did not wait until the end of his studies to tackle Digital Marketing.

However, he had to wait the following year to experience his first success, with his blog Maintenance, which quickly became a reference in its field.


  • Facebook Ads
  • Google AdWords
  • Email campaign
  • Copywriting
  • Web design
  • Content marketing


The courses are accessible throughout. A forum moderated by the teaching team allows students to help each other. Students’ questions are dealt with in collective coaching sessions where the guide presents practical cases.


Whenever a student asks for help, the guide makes sure that the student has done their homework and can monitor the student’s progress. A questionnaire is also submitted to the trainees at the end of the training.

Validation mode

A training certificate as well as a certificate of attendance will be provided to trainees at the end of the training.

Targeted / proven skills and competences

  • Web writing
  • Advertising writing
  • Writing for SEO
  • Writing for social networks
  • The basics of digital marketing
  • The basics of marketing tunnels
  • Writing to the sales department


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