Cryptme Review – 2021 – Can You Trust Them?

A crypto exchange platform is a place where you can exchange fiat money with cryptocurrency or vice versa. An exchange platform’s primary goal is to ensure fair and orderly transactions as well as the efficient distribution of price information for all securities traded on the platform. Without proper security and good rates, it becomes difficult for any kind of dealer to exchange on an online platform.

In recent years, the number of crypto exchanges has been steadily increasing, owing to the enormous popularity of cryptocurrencies. While there are thousands of cryptocurrency exchanges on the internet, only a handful have been verified by industry experts. Just a few of these validated exchangers are worth working with since most exchangers are only interested in making money and do not care about their customers.

The question that arisesis, how do you know which exchange platform to put your faith in? When I first started collecting crypto coins, I asked myself the same question. Since crypto is still not generally accepted, I was effectively raising money that I couldn’t use. I needed an exchange platform, but the choices I found while searching for one were overwhelming.

Since I didn’t know what to look for, the amount of online exchanging sites were just too much for me. After switching platforms several times due to poor service, I discovered ‘Cryptme’ and was immediately hooked. Cryptme was the first forum to provide me with a good understanding of what they do and how I can protect my financial rights without having to commit to something.

I didn’t trust any platform with my hard-earned money when I first started investing in cryptocurrencies, and I wasn’t going to turn over all of my earnings in one go. I began with a small exchange capacity and gradually increased it. As a result, I was able to identify the features that made Cryptme the best forum for me as a frequent trader. Since exchanging has become relatively popular in the last two years, finding a good and balanced forum is critical. That is why I decided to write a comprehensive analysis of Cryptme.

Cryptme isn’t flawless, but it has a number of features that make it the best choice for any crypto exchanger.

Security policies that I could easily rely on:

Is my capital secure? it is a concern that constantly crosses everyone’s mind. You can quickly resolve insomnia if you’re certain; but, if you’re not sure, there’s something wrong that needs to be addressed right away. It’s a good rule of thumb to avoid using any platform that you aren’t sure is safe.

So, why should you put your data and information in the hands of Cryptme? Simply put, there are thousands of verified exchangers with whom I can theoretically deal but with whom my data will be safe.

However, the real problem arises when security hardware and software become obsolete. This is the point at which a platform’s security mechanism stops working. Hackers are constantly changing their strategies. If a trading company is unable to keep up with technological advancements, their clients’ confidential information can be jeopardized.

I knew that my protection and privacy were guaranteed every time I did my transactions on Cryptme — this is Cryptme’s pledge to all of their customers. Data protection is second to none. Cutting-edge equipment. As well as a security-first mentality.

At first, I found exchanging crypto on Cryptme to be a very simple process. The amount of information present on the site can be overwhelming, however, as time passed, I realized that Cryptme’s periodic maintenance breaks from online servicing were due to the frequent changes they made to their systems. This gave me peace of mind that not only the system is secured but is being maintained to ensure safety on a continuous basis.

User-friendly layout for new exchangers:

When I operate on an online platform, the friendliness of the website is undoubtedly the first thing that comes to my mind. A difficult-to-understand design may turnoff many potential customers. Cryptme has a well-designed, user-friendly website that appeals to people of all ages. Aside from that, the smooth backdrop and well-designed graphics are a bonus. The main page is beautifully presented. On the platform’s main page, I can easily learn everything I need to know about cryptocurrency. All relevant information is provided on a single page. On the first page, rates for each cryptocurrency are meticulously provided. The following information is provided on each crypto:

  • Currency pair
  • Last Price
  • 24h Change
  • 24h High
  • 24h Low
  • Market Cap
  • 24h Volume
  • Trend Analysis

Cryptme, where I can exchange Fiat-to-Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency-to-Fiat, gives me multiple options on both sides. With fiat I get:

  1. EUR
  2. USD
  3. AUD
  4. GBP
  5. JPY

With Cryptocurrency I get:

  1. BTC (Bitcoin)
  2. ETH (Ehtereum)
  3. LTC (Litecoin)


Cryptme accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies, which can all be traded for a few centralised currencies. Currently, they are dealing with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin; and it may not include many cryptocurrencies I would wish. Cryptme has reported that as cryptocurrencies stabilise, it expects to add more to its list, which makes sense. Why would you want to trade a currency that hasn’t yet stabilised? I think the platform is on the right track in putting the best stabilised cryptocurrencies on their list.

Account Types:

Cryptme currently provides a user with three types of accounts:

  1. 0 – 2000

These are small accounts with a minimum requirement of an ID, an email confirmation, and a phone confirmation to register your account.

These are larger accounts with a minimum requirement of an ID, an email confirmation, a phone confirmation, a copy of the utility bill, and a picture of yourself to register your account.

  • 10,001 – 50,000

These are huge accounts with a minimum requirement of an ID, an email confirmation, a phone confirmation, a copy of the utility bill, and a picture of yourself to register your account. However, Cryptme management may require further information where they deem fit or required. I chose this account right off the bat and I have to say that I definitely made the right choice. I get many features with it that make all my exchanges quicker. I believe that even a new exchanger on the platform can make-do with this account type.

Customer Care:

Let me tell you something: any online service, at the very least, needs a customer support team that monitors accounts every business day. Online currency exchanges will still have bugs, and this is true with almost every trading site.If you’re going to use a network on a regular basis, you’ll need a strong customer support team that’s always ready to help you with any problems you have with their services.

I had experienceda problem when I first started as a crypto exchanger when one of my exchange failed to go through that would have resulted in a loss if it hadn’t been for Cryptme’s support team. I contacted their support team and received a positive response immediately. Post performing some due diligence on their part, they were able tosolve my problemon a timely basis. This didn’t only provide me with relief but took my trust and satisfaction to another level with Cryptme.

After this experience, I realized that while Cryptme has flaws in a few areas, the service they provide for their customers more than compensates for these flaws. That’s when I realized I’d be sticking with Cryptme for a while before I found a better-exchanging site.


Cryptme’s core business model was not only one of the best aspects of the company; it was also the primary selling point, in my opinion.

Cryptme publishes blogs for its customers on a periodic basis. New articles are added providing insight into the crypto industry and how the economy is supporting the crypto industry.

Blogs would cover a topic from the comparison of different cryptocurrencies to how different cryptocurrencies rocketed and reached new levels of high. These blogs were helpful for me while making decisions for buying and selling my cryptocurrencies.


As an individual involved in trading with cryptocurrency, I am interested in staying up to date with the industry trend and any information that may help me make better decisions.

Cryptme also provides its customers with news regarding the crypto industry; as to how the industry is booming and how different factors of the industry affect the cryptocurrency. These helped me in keeping myself up to date on the industry trend and take informed decisions.

Take Away:

As an individual, involved in trading with cryptocurrency for a long period of time, I am happy to say that my experience with Cryptme has been great so far. Not only for the exchange service they provide but also as to how they assist and inform their customers ensuring best for them.

The cryptocurrency industry is not only attracting more and more customers on a daily basis, but it is also maturing in its current phase of boom. Considering such new entrants on a daily basis, exchange services like Cryptme builds the trust and confidence level of new entrants in the industry.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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