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Cyberthum bhutani – the eminent theme-based real-estate organization


Assured future-proof constriction with the environment-friendly building (Lead Platinum-certified building) with the finest layout design and structural elevation these fifty storied twin tower cum commercial projects by the authority of Cyberthum bhutani Noida is going to be the most attractive Asia-Pacific business point after Dubai in the nearing future.

This tallest industrial complex (high-street retail facing) is part of a mixed-use development of the total arrest land area of 26.8 acres – meaning lots of important projects will be going to expose in the nearing future.

Most successful project of the luxurious retail arcade in NCR

What are the main attractive points as they are going to provide within this multi-storied project for the clients?

As said earlier, it is the tallest fifty-level iconic commercial tower for office and shopping arcade in North India. Aiming all these essential points in one shed to provide the authority would like to handover to offer each individual (interested personals) against their selected monitory win-win profitable situation from both ends) schemes.

Assured monetary return against your investment

Though the project-time of Cyberthum bhutani is being lingered a bit — due to the scarcity of manual labor (COVID-19 pandemic), the return of money with additional interest along with the speculating lease attachments is subsequently guaranteed as they proved earlier projects.  

Besides the direct investment after the completion of the project there are multi provisions for the invest mentors under different time-based schemes) with assured rental/lease options for the shopping/office allotment. You can double your money through these investments (@10% – @12% return policy) either over here.

It is a future-proof project of cooled water that helps reducing energy cost in the future, here to follow the other points —

Easy communication and the nearing locational advantages—

•             Easy connectivity with surface transportation through nearby Noida express-ways and national high-ways, aside metro-station, half-an-hour away air-ports

•             Surrounding national and international IT-hubs and SEZ, factories,

•             Nearing urbanization with a well-established population and campuses

•             Provision for the cheap-labor from the nearing states to run well and so-forth after completion the project for inside and outside building every-day work

 Inner building facilities —

•             Ample airy office-suit and conference space with adequate height and all other modern-day facilities

•             Business cum recreation point – Assures modern-day facility with an amusement park, water park, kids’ zone, jogging tracks, beautification and tattoo parlors, aristocrat family shopping, sky-view food station, GYM, theatre hall, fun-zones, and the seating arrangements for the aged personals,

•             Open-sky and hydraulic parking slots inside the basement (nearing 10000 cars), multi-tunnels, and emergency exit for easy access

•             Helipad on the building roof

•             Essential 24×7 services with top-class security – clean water, water cooing provision, fire service, waste cleaning,

Book your office-space and retail shops at a prime location, but how!

You can invest over there directly, against the adjustments of lease allotments, the Cyberthum bhutani price lists (do follow their official WEBSITE) might guide you the best. A booking of a time slot for a ‘free trip travel’ visit might make your interest higher for a final judgment to favor. 

Choose your dreaming space inside this Noida executive twin fifty storied buildings, do you!

Just feel — you are going to grab a possession (your office/trading space) that is situated in the central part of this prime location through an early booking.  

As the multipurpose utility trade towers for today & tomorrow, this Cyberthum bhutani Noida project might be the ultimatum with the most life-effective modern-day life-support to provide. A wise decision makes things better.

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