Defining Features of a Great Airsoft Shotgun for Sale

Thinking about getting yourself one of those fancy airsoft shotguns for sale, but can’t seem to justify the purchase? That’s alright because there actually are some unique niche uses for them if you just get one that exhibits the right quality. To learn more about how they can be useful, consider some of the features of the Double Eagle M56C Tri-Shot Spring Shotgun (the model with a folding stock) that you can find for sale online at

Crafted of a combination of metal and high-quality, durable, rock-solid ABS, this spring shotgun is the type that you can beat to hell and it will just keep on going with you. Plus, as it’s a spring-operated airsoft gun, it won’t need any supplemental power. There won’t be any batteries dying on you in the heat of an engagement or gas canisters going flat. This thing is made of iron and it knows it – now you just need to know it.

Now, admittedly, this is not the kind of airsoft gun that you can rely on to deliver a volley of rapid-fire, but in the hands of a practiced player it can be used with remarkable efficacy and you might be surprised at how quickly you can deliver follow up shots with this spring powered airsoft gun.

This type of airsoft gun fires three BBs at a time from a shell-shaped magazine, which holds thirty rounds. That gives you the ability to deliver ten 3-round volleys without reloading, but there is also room in the grip for another magazine, so you actually get a decent amount of capacity from an airsoft gun like this.

It also comes with a speedloader and a sling, so you can be more effective in the field if you ever actually need to slow down and reload the thing, but naturally, this is not the type of airsoft gun that you would want to wield while unsupported but other players with electric powered or gas powered airsoft guns. In addition, it’s folding stock is a nice bonus, as you can get a better fit with it, customize the length of pull to maximize your efficiency and accuracy behind the stock, or fold it down to make it easier to carry.

All of these things come together to make an airsoft gun that might rightly be termed an effective close-quarters assault airsoft gun, provided you were also armed with an additional green gas-powered sidearm and other players with different airsoft platforms. In CQB encounters, though, this type of airsoft gun can still be not only practical but effective in the hands of the right player. Basically, if it is used by the right type of supporting role, there is still a place for it in competition, even though it is equally fun to shoot at cans and targets in the backyard.

So, to answer your nonverbal question, it may very well be worth it to treat yourself to an airsoft gun like this, as long as you know where it is and is not practical. We did a fairly thorough job of explaining that already, though.

If you’re looking for one of these, or for other, different airsoft shotguns for sale, you can still find them at MiR Tactical, at the address listed at the beginning of this article. Plus, you can find all of the other airsoft guns and accessories you probably routinely use there, along with expert advice. Plus, some orders get free shipping, so you have nothing to lose, especially since they also offer a price match guarantee. Visit their website and call them at 800-581-6620 if you have questions. You won’t be disappointed.

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