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Digital Eco Solvent Vinyl Printing Machine


Enhance your digital printing quality by the help of automatic, high-definition and high-speed digital Vinyl Printing Machine. These powerful digital vinyl print machines are also not only highly efficient but also quite sturdy in output quality, thus delivering consistent great service for years. The digital vinyl printer offers various design options to suit the printing needs of any company. It is suitable for short and long run printing processes.

Digital printing is used for various purposes. For instance, posters, flyers, business cards, signs, banners, and brochures are created digitally using the help of a digital press. The best part about such press is that they do not require heat transfer paper or ink. This digital technology provides vivid and flawless images. Besides, they have the capability to produce prints on any type of surface – plastic, cardboard, paper, fabric and even fiber. The digital printers are compatible with PC and Mac, providing smooth printing experience both for beginners and experts.

When it comes to color printing, the Wide Format Eco Solvent Printing Machine proves out to be a boon for all businesses. It offers quick printing speed and greater color depth. The result is that the products produced are of best quality and far more durable than the conventional ones. These machines offer the facility of adjusting the colour and image resolution during the printing process. The printing process can be varied according to the requirements.

The process of producing various types of collateral has been made simpler through the advent of the digital printing technology. Moreover, this digital revolution has drastically reduced the printing cost, leading to a significant increase in profit margins. Thus, you do not have to pay huge amounts for advertising your product in the market.

The digital vinyl record storage media also proves out to be very beneficial when it comes to saving time and effort in archiving or retrieving old analogue records. In this respect, there are no difference between the vinyl records and the old records in terms of the archiving and retrieving procedures. The machines offer the facility of scanning and the scanning can be done with the help of special software. This software helps to add, modify and delete the data as well. Thus, one does not have to bother much about the extra work involved in retrieving old analogue records.

Another advantage of using the digital record machine is the elimination of handling, maintaining and replacing the stylus. This eliminates a lot of manual labor and saves a lot of money as well. Thus, digital records are an ideal machine for large volumes of records. The vinyl record machine has become one of the most useful and successful devices in the archiving, retrieval and printing operations of various industries.

Digital Vinyl printing machine can be used for applications like Window Display, Indoor Branding, Floor Sticker, Vehicle Wraps, Inshop Branding and so on.

Following are some of the important factors to look in, while buying a vinyl printer:

  • Eco Solvent Ink- VOC free
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Wide Color Gamut
  • High Density Colors
  • Fast Drying
  • Long life of print heads

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