Do You Know an Environment-Friendly Paper Called Kraft is More Sustainable than Plastic?

The basic ingredient which is used for the manufacturing of Kraft paper boxes is wood chips. The high availability of this material makes it cost-efficient for manufacturers as well as retailers. Instead of being the most durable material, it is also very lightweight. The biodegradable nature of kraft packaging makes it more environmentally friendly. These properties make kraft paper easy to recycle for many other purposes. On the other hand, plastic is a dangerous material because it produces toxic chemicals in our environment upon burning and cannot degrade with the passage of time. The following characteristics of kraft make it friendlier for our environment instead of plastic.  

Time Saving 

Cutting the old useless trees and getting the wood chips from them is not a time taking process in this advanced universe. High-efficiency machines are available in different styles, which perform these tasks in such a way that less time is consumed with better results. This will not only save time for suppliers but also for different companies. That is the way the production of kraft paper is increased up to a large extent to meet the demands. On the other hand, plastic is made up of polyvinyl chloride or PVC, which is difficult to extract from different sources. It will require not only more time but also special machines for the manufacturing process.


Pollution is increasing nowadays rapidly due to more use of non-recyclable materials. This reduces the space in our land. Therefore authorities and researchers are encouraging the use of those materials which are recyclable. One of the materials is kraft because it is recycl easily by using machines. Such property material provides an opportunity for small low budget suppliers to do this business. This quality makes it more suitable rather than plastic because plastics are not recyclable materials. Everyone is familiar with its disadvantages and harmful effects. But our waste management still claims that there is a huge pile of wastes that contains such harmful material.   


One of the best quality kraft boxes is that they are made up of hardwood, which increases the life of a package. The rigid nature of these boxes helps to maintain the shape of the packaging. So, it can be used multiple times to keep your precious and antique products safe. Conversely, the plastic has a flexible nature, which cannot help it to maintain the shape. So you cannot keep the heavy and large size items in it. The so flexible nature of such material is not capable of bears the stresses from other heavyweight products if placed on it.  

Require fewer raw materials

A fully grown tree is capable of producing 152 kraft sheets having a size of 8 square inches. And growing a tree is not a big issue because it only requires a few years to regrow itself without any investments of money. So, people are moving toward these packages to get more relaxed instead of other low-quality material. It will not only encourage manufacturers to increase sales but also give an opportunity for retailers to buy more by paying less. In the reverse of this, plastic is made up of PVC, which came from different kinds of salts and oil. These raw materials require a huge amount of time for their production below the surface of the earth. Also, more material is used for their production instead of kraft.    

Environment friendly

Global warming is increasing in our world regularly due to the use of different toxic materials. One of them is widely using plastic, which is a non-biodegradable material in nature. It is polluting our water bodies and landfills up to a large extent. Also, produce toxic chemicals in our environment upon burning. That is the reason people are opting for new ways to reduce these effects. Kraft paper plays an effective role in this regard to make our universe more protective. It is made up of wood, and if somehow disposed of, then it gets easily degrade just like tree leaves.   

More durable

Durability is the prime factor of kraft boxes as they are made up of sturdy and long-lasting material, so they are highly durable for any use. They have strong quality but still have a lightweight property, which makes them more sustainable for the users. If anyhow, the weight of a product is high, then the strength of these packages can be increased by customization. Any type of shape and size is not an issue in this regard. But the other way plastic is not a durable material because it is made up of flexible and toxic materials. This is the reason people are avoiding the utilization of such harmful materials.  


Where all the above mention qualities are assisting in making this product tangible, it also makes it cost-efficient. Therefrom supplies to production and after use, it’s recycling is an economical procedure. Less effort is required to cut a tree, convert it into small chips, make a pulpy material, and compress it into any shape. Finally, if somehow it is not utilized, then recycling can pay the value. But it is not possible in the case of plastic because recycling is a ban. So, plastic can cause a lot of effects on our ecosystem, whether it is handled or placed in the corner of a warehouse.    

Multiple uses

The long-lasting and flexible nature of kraft paper makes it enable to use for every kind of packaging. If the packaging product is not according to the size, then it can be used in flat form by just removing adhesives from the surface. SO most people use them for storage reasons. It is the most demanding packaging material for every type of market, so from edible to non-edibles. They are a perfect option to pack different fragile and heavy products during the shifting of a house. All these properties are not available in plastic supplies. That is the reason its uses is start decreasing.

In this modern era, where global warming is increasing day by day by the use of plastic, the Kraft paper boxes are proving very beneficial. Hence these packages are suitable for everyone from a very point of view. So, that is the reason most manufacturers are producing more kraft paper nowadays for multiple uses.

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