Don’t Settle for Carbide Drill Manufacturers

Whether you’re a machinist whose livelihood actually depends on the quality of your tools or just a hobbyist who likes to create new designs in sheet metal and other unforgiving media, don’t settle for carbide drill manufacturers. Tool quality concerns present enough roadblocks to you that you shouldn’t be willing to make any compromises where you don’t need to.

Problems like drill breakage, chipping along the cutting edges, uneven wear and other issues can arise from user errors, but they can also arise from shoddy quality controls at the factory where they are produced. Prices on media and tools are high; pay once, and get quality. Don’t fall prey to the old adage about being in for a dime and then in for a dollar. Just pay a dollar once and be done with it.

Some of the good news here is that you can get industry leading quality in carbide drills – products including but not limited to thread ills mills, chamfer mills, spot drills and end mills – online, without having to pay the typical price. The assumption here is that if you could get more for less you’d take it, and we have to make that assumption.

Many online sellers of carbide drills and mills charge exorbitant prices to protect the interests of their distributors; otherwise they might not be able to offer products for sale at all. If you buy directly from the right carbide drill manufacturer, you can cut out this cumbersome supply chain inefficiency, enjoy the same level of quality (or better) and pay less for it as well. For a buyer, it’s a win-win scenario.

In fact, depending on where you are currently getting your carbide tipped drills and other carbide cutting tools, you might even be able to enjoy a higher level of quality by removing the middleman and saving money. Buy your high performance carbide drill bits and mills online at the aptly named Online Carbide and you can and will reap all of these benefits.

For one thing, a lot of retailers sell bits and mills that they do not produce, and thus can’t exert any appreciable level of control over quality in manufacturing. Not only this, but they also mark up prices, so you end up paying more for less, as has been illustrated.

Online Carbide produces some of the highest quality cutting tools and mills in the industry. When it comes down to minimizing some of the common problems mentioned at the outset of this article, buying quality in the first place can help with that. As for user error, that’s another issue, but a high quality tool can help diminish it and improve tool life as well.

Procure your drills and mills from and enjoy access to the same quality you might be used to at prices that are typically reserved for distributors. In addition, their carbide tools are made in the United States; this is not an overseas outsourced operation that seeks to capitalize on a quick trick to keep costs down. For Online Carbide, business comes down to two chief facts, being product quality and customer service.

The first has already been demonstrated. As for customer service, give them a call anytime you want to learn more about the products they make, how they can be used, and what their quality control processes encompass. You can reach them at 630-238-1424 or at, whichever is easier for you.

Or, if you prefer to do your own research, you can visit them at and learn more about their products there at your leisure – but remember, their customer service department is always available to answer any questions that arise.

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