Eight Great Uses for a Spyderco Delica Knife

With its sturdy lockback mechanism, full flat grind, comfortable ergonomics and solid feel in the hand, the Spyderco Delica knife is perfect for EDC and general utility. There are better tactical knives, better skinning knives and better camp knives, but few that are as purposefully useful as this particular folder. Here are some great uses for your Spyderco Delica.

1. Prepare food in camp – The Delica’s full flat grind, as is typical of many Spyderco knives, makes it a great slicer and even a good spreader. This makes it ideal for food preparation in camp, or anywhere else you need it.

2. Clean small game and fish – For a folder, it’s pretty sturdy with its lockback mechanism, but that doesn’t mean it’s well suited to breaking down large game. Still, for cleaning rabbits, squirrels, birds and fish, this little knife will excel. Or you can just carry it as a backup in the woods or on the water.

3. Carve wooden tools – The Delica has a fine point and, as mentioned, a full flat grind. This makes it highly useful for carving tools in camp, such as spoons, bowls (to a lesser degree), tool handles, and even things like hangers for pots and lanterns.

4. Prepare cordage – You can use the flat grind of the knife to easily strip away bark and roots for making cordage, and the spine of the knife can be used to help remove or separate the fibers. This is also used for preparing tinder.

5. Split small pieces of wood for a fire – Back on the flat grind, this makes the knife excellent as a wedge. Don’t baton with it, but you can use it to split relatively small sticks and pieces of wood for a fire – or, as mentioned, to prepare tinder.

6. Shave feather sticks – The Delica should arrive shaving sharp from the factory and if not it can be made so. This makes it ideal for certain tasks like making feather sticks.

7. Cut up boxes or other domestic refuse – Sharp and with a strong lock, the Delica is great for cutting up boxes or carving up other domestic waste so it fits in the proper receptacle.

8. Strike a fire – If your spine isn’t sharp or square enough, you can always perform a quick mod to make it so. With that complete, you can use the spine to strike sparks from a ferro rod to make a fire.

As you can see, Spyderco knives make highly useful tools, and the Spyderco Delica knife is no exception to that norm. Many models come with a pocket clip for easy carry, a “spyderhole” opening hole for one hand-opening, comfortably injected or machined scales and other features to make them all the more useful.

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