Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Know some practical tips for you to apply in your company, about sending email marketing.

We always carry out email marketing campaigns at Mailchimp. But last month, we made a small change, which greatly improved the results of our campaigns: a simple insertion of the customer’s name in the subject of the email caused more people to open our emails. This is just one of today’s tips on email marketing for small businesses.

Generally, our email marketing campaigns are carried out as follows: we write a text , apply the layout , segment our customer base who authorize to receive our messages and offer some product or service that may be interesting for that base.

We usually personalize the customer’s name in the body of email. But last month, we did something different: we personalized the customer’s name also in the subject of the message. And that little detail generated good results in terms of open rate (list of readers who opened the email) and click rate (those who clicked on the links in the message)

With the increase in the number of emails your customers receive daily, it is difficult to open them all. So, your chance to convince them to read your email is on the subject. To make your customers open and be interested in your messages, here are 6 valuable tips:

  1. Send a campaign, offer or content of interest to your audience . Offering something uninteresting and irrelevant to your customer can be a shot in the foot, as they can ignore your messages.
  2. Fancy the text and images : Well-written and objective texts and light and well-made images give an air of professionalism and seriousness to the material.
  3. Email marketing should always be in HTML, mixing text and images. It is very common for companies to simply insert an image into the body of the email. For e-mail servers, this is already an alert that it is possibly SPAM.
  4. Don’t forget the call-to-action , that is, a call-to-action! Click, download, learn, buy: all the imperative verbs that require the reader to take action. Emphasizing what you want him to do can be an effective end to your message.
  5. Customize. Call your customer by name, in your text in the email and in the subject itself. Everyone prefers to be called by name. When you use an email marketing tool, this is very easy, as this process becomes automated.
  6. Evaluate and study . Always after carrying out an email marketing campaign, check how many customers opened, how many clicked on links and see what can be improved in the next ones. Metrics: it’s something that every good email marketing tool has available

And if you want to improve your email marketing campaigns, keep your customer base that allows you to receive your messages always up to date. There are several email marketing tools available on the market and many of them allow you to try a free version.

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