Essential Barber Shop Accessories for Sale (Here’s What You Need

Do you operate a bonafide barber shop? Perhaps you simply operate a salon and offer some services that barbers typically provide, like styling, trimming, cutting, or drying.

Whatever the case is – and certainly in either of the above scenarios – you’ll need to keep a well-stocked shop in order to deliver consistent results and high-quality service to your customers. At minimum, here are some of the essential barber shop accessories for sale that you will need to keep on hand.

1.Electric Clippers – These are critical for removing large amounts of hair in a clean and timely fashion. They’re also not only useful for trimming beards and mustaches, though. You can use them for administering haircuts and much more in your salon. They’re more or less the definitive barber shop essential.

2.Scissors or Shears – As important as a reliable set (a bunch of sets, really) of electric clippers are for your barber shop or salon, they’re not particularly useful for making very fine cuts or detailing. They can be used effectively most of the time, but when you need to get into layering or detailed cuts, you’ll need a good pair of scissors or shears. You’ll really need several different sizes and styles, actually.

3.Razors and Sterilizing Jugs – Taking this a step further, while a lot of fading and detailing can be accomplished with scissors and trimmers, the most precise detailing is still performed with a razor. Whether you use shavettes or disposable safety razors to do so is your choice but they are necessary for the finest work. Also, for some tools that are not disposable, you’ll need sterilizing jugs to use in between customers and routine cleaning.

4.Blowers and Dryers – Trimming and styling are only part of what a barber shop offers its customers. They also usually offer cleaning, styling, dyeing, and conditioning, as your shop no doubt does.

However, to offer these services, you also need to provide dryers and blowers so that you can do so efficiently!

5.Shampoos and Conditioners and Oils – Blowers and dryers actually come after the need for shampoos, conditioners, oils, and other treatments. How do you expect to clean or condition your customers’ hair or beards without them? You can’t, and no two hairstyles are the same or have the same needs, so stock up.

6.Waxes, mousse, and other styling products – Whether you’re styling and shaping or just returning some moisture to a dry beard, you’ll need waxes, mousse, styling products, and other treatments in order to be effective. There are as many of these as you can possibly count; experience is the best teacher as to what, precisely, your shop needs.

7.Combs and Brushes – Combs and brushes are used to the greatest effect when you need to exert very precise control over customers’ hair for shaping, trimming, detailing, and cleaning. Good luck doing that without a good set of combs!

8.Miscellaneous Supplies, including Barber Stations – Finally, you’ll want to leave room for some of the other sundry essentials that your barber shop might need, including but not limited to barber stations that will trap and collect trimmings to facilitate disposal.

As stated, this is just a jumping-off point and there really is no telling except experience to guide you in what you really need to keep. However, when you’re looking for barber shop accessories for sale, this is a generally good place to start.

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