Evolution of HR Tech Helps to Meet the Needs of Talent Acquisition Needs!

The global pandemic COVID-19 brought numerous changes to the way we work. It also impacted the workings of the HR department, which till now only partially had adopted the technology for automating certain HR functions.

However, with the crisis looming over the heads the top HR leaders, the adoption of HR technology was quick enough to ensure the transition from office to remote working went well. Some of the best HR tech trends that came up during the crisis were directly related to the needs of talent acquisition.

Reason: Acquiring the right talent for the organization is of prime importance and with the market flooded with the deluge of hiring tools, it is all the more crucial to know which hiring tool to install and use.

But before we delve deeper into the hiring tools for talent acquisition, let’s understand what is talent acquisition (TA)? Why are the top HR leaders giving it the prominence more than anything even the talent retention? Let’s have a look.

Talent Acquisition is not just a strategy; in fact, it is more than a strategy. Talent acquisition is about creating a framework that will help companies and businesses to hire with smartness. Remember: TA is not just about hiring the talent that is a right fit for the organizational needs, but it also takes care of the needs and requirements of the prospective employee including how they will align with the requirements of the organization.  

The current talent environment is quite volatile and thus Talent Acquisition has become more crucial than before. Top HR leaders know that the scenario is going to get even worse before it will come back on track, considering the amount of labor shortage organizations are experiencing. According to the experts like chief HR officers, there are about more than one million job openings as compared to the candidates who can fill up those vacancies.

Understand this TA is different from recruitment. How? Recruitment focuses on filling up the vacant positions, whereas talent acquisition is a long-term strategy that ensures that the talent is not acquired and on-boarded but also retained and engaged. The chief HR officers along with top HR leaders realize the importance of talent acquisition in the current labor shortage market.

While HR tech (read automation tools) can help in talent acquisition and there are some of the best HR tech trends available to the HR leaders, it is important to remember that talent acquisition in the coming decade specifically in 2021 will be more complex than ever. It will become imperative to know

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