Fact or Fiction: The Real Deal About 5G

People don’t normally care when it comes to connecting their phones to the cellular network. Also, the choice of giving you access to either LTE, 4G, or 3G is usually done by the carrier. But recently, 5G has started to receive a lot of attention. The primary reason for this is because it gives you access to super-fast speeds much like Spectrum internet customer service.

Some Basic Insights About 5G

Before getting to the fact and fiction part, it is important for you to know what 5G is. It is the latest iteration of mobile communication which is built on both LTE and 4G networks. They are powered by a new technology called millimeter wave (mmWave).

What makes 5G one of the most anticipated techs of the current times is that it promises to offer ultra-high speeds with a higher data rate and reduced latency. Devices that support 5G will be able to transfer and download files instantly.

Now, you might be wondering how to get access to 5G. Well, Verizon is offering 5G network at the moment. They were the first to offer this service in 2018. Apart from Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T have also rolled out their 5G networks.

Fact vs Fiction

Although 5G has gotten extremely popular among the millennials and Gen Z. However, a lot of different rumors have started to surface regarding what it can and can’t do, creating confusion among people who are now growing unsure about what to expect from it. If you are one of such individuals then read on to find out what is real and fiction about this new technology.  


Let’s begin with facts.

#1. I will Need to Get A New Phone When 5G Comes Out

It’s true! You will have to invest in a 5G compatible smartphone to truly make the most out of this tech. However, you won’t need to get a new phone immediately as 5G is building on top of 4G and 4G LTE networks instead of replacing it.

#2. 5G Technology Is Required to Keep Up with the Fast-Changing World

Some countries have the resources to develop quickly while others struggle. Given how beneficial 5G is, implementing this technology can easily enable one country to progress rapidly and to keep pace with the fast-developing world.

#3. I Can Use 5G As Soon As I Own a 5G Smartphone

This is true. However, you need to make sure that you live in a 5G enabled city or where this new technology will be launched soon. If you are from someplace that supports the 5G network then congratulations! You will be able to take advantage of this tech. On the contrary, if 5G is not available in your city or state then you would be left with no choice but to wait.


Now that you are aware of the facts, let’s look at the common myths associated with 5G that you might have heard before.

#1. The Frequencies of 5G Are Harmful to Our Brain

The famous physicist Dr. Bill P. Curry’s 2000 graph is the source of this myth. It showed how higher frequencies can lead to an increase in microwave absorption by the human brain. Many scientists have stepped forward to debunk this myth and put forth two supporting points.

  • The data of Dr. Curry looked at the tissues exposed in a lab and not the cells in our body
  • It doesn’t take the shielding effect into account

#2. 5G Network Spreads the Coronavirus

Believe it or not but this myth spread like wildfire during the early days of the pandemic. There were many conspiracy theories regarding it. However, you must know that germs can’t teleport. And there is no way 5G contributed to the rise of COVID.

#3. It is Going to Replace 4G

It is untrue as 4G and 4G LTE networks act as a base for the 5G structure. This new tech won’t be replacing it. In fact, there are some areas where 3G coverage still exists. It is due to the same reason; to fill the gaps where 4G can’t reach.


5G is a total game-changer that will surely help not only individuals but also businesses by giving them lightning-fast speeds. It can also enable you to stream content smoothly whether you watch it on Spectrum TV or a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu. However, as more people have started to instill their trust in this new technology, more rumors and myths have started to surface. Some of those are mentioned above along with the facts. This will help you figure out the true potential of 5G.


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