Finding the Best Drill Mills for Sale

Milling operations require specialized tools in order to complete precise cuts. Because these tools operate at such high speeds, most milling cutters are designed to perform very specific tasks. This means that almost every milling operation will require the user to swap out tools several times in order to complete the final project. If you want to cut down on tool changes and speed up production, then you need to find some drill mills for sale. These special milling cutters are a great way to perform multiple jobs with one tool.

If you have not already guessed, a drill mill is a cutting tool that combines the traits of drill bits and end mills. Your average end mill is primarily designed for side milling, with a flat bottom and sharp cutting flutes to quickly remove materials. To contrast this, a drill bit’s cutting power comes from its sharp point. The flutes on a drill bit are largely designed to facilitate the removal of chips created by the point.

Drill mills have both the sharp point of a drill bit and the sharp cutting flutes of an end mill. This makes these tools extremely versatile. You can drill down into a workpiece or cut into it sidewise, giving you a lot of different options.

Drilling Operations
One of the biggest strengths of these tools as opposed to a traditional end mill is the fact that they can be used to perform several different drilling operations. Today we will look at a few of these drilling tasks.
Spotting – The sharp tips of these tools make them ideal for spot drilling. This is the process of making a small dimple using the point of the tool that serves to mark the location of a hole for using longer twist bits. When spotting, be sure that the point angle of your drill mill is equal to or larger than the point angle of your drill bit.
Small Holes – In addition to being used to spot drill, you can also use drill mills to drill small holes that are the size of the cutter. Because most drill mills are relatively short, they can produce incredibly accurate holes.

Milling Operations
In addition to drilling, you can also use your drill mills to perform a number of milling tasks. Because of their pointed tips, you can make some truly unique cuts with these tools.
Milling – Your drill mills can be used for traditional milling operations, especially if they have been used to drill through the workpiece first.
Notching – If you do not need to cut all the way through your workpiece, then the unique pointed tips of these tools make them the perfect option for side milling “V” shaped notches in your workpiece.
Chamfering – Finally the point of your drill mill can be used to chamfer edges. This is the process of using the angled point to cut a corner and create an intermediate face between the two faces. This helps to soften the edge and provide a nice clean finish.

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