Four ways how to poke bowl contributes to a healthy diet

When thinking of tasty food, many people picture fast foods. Cravings for a delightful treat can happen anytime, and not everyone is a fan of a plate full of vegetables and salad. Here comes the poke bowl. Perhaps it’s one of the most healthy food in VictoriaIf you don’t even know what a poke bowl is, let us explain before we get into this.

The poke bowl is a Hawaiian cuisine that features chunks of raw marinated vegetables and fish; therefore, some people also call it a raw seafood salad. Finely chopped tuna pieces are usually marinated with a mix of sesame oil, soya sauce, and onion.

Although, many other options are also available as a topping, base, and marinating ingredient. That’s the great thing about a poke bowl; you can customize the ingredients as per your diet preferences.

Is poke bowl a Healthy food?

Poke bowls are healthy as they are consist of nutritious and yummy Superfoods. This post will be putting four compelling reasons that suggest why poke is the ultimate Healthy food for everyone. So keep reading.

1. You pick ingredients yourself.

You love all the junk food for their delightful taste, but your diet doesn’t allow you to consume it because of high-calorie content. Now you are forced to consume food you don’t like it because it’s healthy. Right? It’s common to find yourself in such a situation, but you have complete freedom of customization with a poke bowl.

You can replace starch-rich white rice with healthy brown rice to maintain your daily calorie intake. You can also choose other ingredients and flavors of your choice as per your diet requirements and enjoy the mouthwatering healthy food just the way you want.

2. A tasty salad

Ordering salad health restaurants is evident when you are dieting, but you can spruce up your salad’s dull taste with fresh fish cubes, steamed rice, and nut topping. Well, that’s your poke bowl served.

Those who are not fans of salad would probably have a change of mind after tasting the poke bowl because there is an array of flavors to choose from. Poke is like eating salad but in a tastier way.

3. It contains good fat.

Our food is composed of two types of fat. One is bad that contributes to the increased levels of unhealthy cholesterol. The other type is the good fat necessary for the human body to work efficiently all day long.

Your poke bowl is full of good fat, making it the Healthiest food in Victoria. A basic poke bowl recipe, including tuna and rice, is loaded with a high amount of protein and Omega-3. The Omega-3 is helpful in hyper-anxiety & depression and improves eye health.

4. Poke bowl is a calorie friendly dish.

If you are a health-conscious person and prefer to count the calories before tossing anything into your plate, then a poke bowl may be the dish you have been looking for so long.

One bowl of poke contains approximately 350 to 600 calories. Many Healthy restaurants will allow you to further reduce those calories by making certain excellent and healthy ingredient choices. For example, opt for brown rice instead of white rice or replace spring onions with fried onions.

What are the healthiest poke bowl ingredients?

If you are looking for a healthy lunch or breakfast option during the workweek, poke bowls are almost always a safe option. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t love salads, you might find yourself going back for another poke bowl.

How you choose ingredients entirely depends on your diet preferences. If you are trying to gain weight, you may like to gain a few calories without gaining bad fat. If this is the case, the poke bowl is best for you. You can pick white rice, plenty of vegetables, tuna fish, and fried onion toppings.

If you are avoiding gaining calories, brown rice, noodles, vegetables, tuna fish, and spring onions or avocado are the best to pick.

Final thoughts

Based on the above information, it would not be wrong to call poke bowl to call a toothsome healthy food item, and you may agree that you can make it healthier with customization. So get yourself one poke bowl today and reward yourself with health without compromising with the taste.

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