Get a Spyderco Kitchen Knife Set, They’re Not Just for the Field!

Anyone who is familiar with Spyderco is probably familiar with names like the Spyderco Delica or the Spyderco Paramilitary, which are extremely popular blades. They’re not just popular as collector’s items, either. These are hard-use knives that people rely on for EDC. They’re made from top quality materials, subject to Spyderco’s legendary quality controls, and extremely dependable tools. On the flipside, anyone unfamiliar with the name is probably thinking, “What is Spyderco, and why is it spelled like that?”

Wordplay aside, Spyderco is a knife manufacturer that produces a variety of knives for many purposes, but their bread and butter is in tactical folding knives and other tactical-esque knives that many people around the country cherish for EDC. Some might even call them a little quirky in their design, but everyone agrees that once you get past the looks, they’re tough, dependable, easy to open, ergonomic, have reliable locks, and that the fit and finish are excellent. Also, the flat grind you’ll find on most models makes them excellent slicers.

Spyderco also makes a number of knives that are designed for sportsmen, like hunters and fishermen, so by this point you may have cultivated an impression that Spyderco’s equipment is more rustic and less domestic. You wouldn’t be entirely off in your assessment, but some time back Spyderco saw that there was a need in the market and they filled it, and admirably at that.

You see, Spyderco knives, despite the fact that they are coveted by LEOs, military and paramilitary personnel and emergency responders around the country, are not simply tactical tools. There are Spyderco knives that are more at home inside the home than they are in the garage, on the road or in the field. Truth be told, these knives would be more at home in the cost confines of a kitchen than they’d be in the field.

Spyderco took the opportunity to develop a knife set, and a Spyderco kitchen knife set is exemplary for quality. Only imagine what their level of engineering can do for a kitchen knife set. All of the quality and reliability that users have come to love about Spyderco can be found in their kitchen knives.

Basically, if you’re looking for a knife set for the kitchen that is made of tough, dependable materials and built to last a lifetime, a Spyderco kitchen knife set is the way to go.

There’s no way to sugar coat this. These kitchen knives are not made for looking at, the way some knives are. They are not designed with an emphasis on aesthetics. They were designed with a first thought on function and a second thought on form. What they lack in pretty design they atone for in comfort and extremely high quality construction, with polypropylene handles and stainless steel blades.

So, to put it bluntly (or in this case, sharply) a Spyderco kitchen knife set is one that you will not regret. At some point, they’ll become the knives in the family that are so old and show such signs of use that everyone will wonder “Where did these even come from?” but they’ll never fail to take a razor’s edge.

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