Football's Money Era

Nowadays, the world of football is brewing more and more money, that’s why it is the most important sport in basically all betting sites in UAE. Tobe invited to the big table, you have to be multimillionaires.

But who are the eight richest football club owners in the world?

We teamed up with football expert Kate Richardson inorder to find out who are the richest football club owners and the current clubs they own.

Let’s find them out right now!

Sheikh Mansour – Man City

An important UAE politician, and member of the country’s royal family, Mansour has bought Manchester City for$292 million in 2018.

The Citizens have since won five PL titles and only lost in the final of the last Champions League to Chelsea. The Mancunian club has become one of the heavyweights of world football.

Sheikh Mansour, through the City Network group, also owns other clubs, such as New York City and Melbourne City.

Dietrich Mateschitz – RB Leipzig

Austrian billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz is best known for his success in energy drinks, with the Red Bull brand.

This global success has enabled him to finance a network of football clubs, similar to that of the first placed in this list. The flagship of the project is RB Leipzig which has occupied first place in the Bundesliga for several years already.

Although it was only formed in 2009, Leipzig are already an established club on the European scene, reaching the semi-finals of the CL in the 2019-20 season.

Andrea Agnelli – Juventus

The Agnelli family is no longer really present. They made their fortune in the Italian auto industry, producing brands such as Fiat and Ferrari. After his grandfather and father, Andrea is the representative of the third generation, who owns Juventus.

This family saga as the boss of Juventus began in 1947.

Since that time, the Old Lady has become the most capped team in Italy, with 36 national titles on the clock. Under the leadership of Agnelli, we must add to this even more prestigious titles, with two Champions Leagues.

DietmarHopp – Hoffenheim

DietmarHopp and his franchise from Hoffenheim is not the most famous duo in Europe. The German is a computer engineer who started investing in the club in 1990. He moved it from the German regional leagues to the Bundesliga.

The billionaire, the eighth richest man in Germany, has a special bond with Hoffenheim, which is his hometown. He also played for the club as a teenager. When he became a majority shareholder in 2015, he served as an exception in German football as he became the first private owner of a Bundesliga team in history.

DietmarHopp also financed the construction of a new 30,000-seat stadium and led Hoffenheim to third place in the German League.

Roman Abramovich – Chelsea

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich made money from investments in oil and aluminum. He reinvested it in the Chelsea club in 2003. This powerful investor, very aggressive, completely changed the game in the Premier League championship.

It took only two years for the Russian to give his club a soul and allow it to once again lift an English championship trophy, the first in 50 years. Since then, the Blues have won the Premier League four times and the Champions League twice. And that in just 18 years.

Philip Anschutz – LA Galaxy

Los Angeles Galaxy owner Philip Anschutz is one of the founding fathers of Major League Soccer. He also received the Medal of Honor from the National Soccer Hall of Fame for his contribution to the evolution of the sport in the United States (a place many players are enjoying going as you can see here).

The publicity stunt achieved with the arrival in MLS of David Beckham in 2007 is still remembered. Thanks to this extraordinary agreement, Philip Anschutz has succeeded in placing the LA Galaxy on the map of world football. Even if the Californian franchise does not have a very extensive track record and that it is too rarely measured against the big European clubs.

To finance the Galaxy, the businessman went into:

  1. realestateindustry
  2. oilindustry
  3. entertainmentindustry.

StanKroenke – Arsenal

Stan Kroenke has come a long way and increased his influence at the Arsenal club since he became manager in 2008.

The American billionaire also has a network of sports clubs. He chose to diversify and invest in franchises more representative of US sports, with the Denver Nuggets in NBA (basketball) and the Los Angeles Rams in NFL (American football).

Kroenke became the majority shareholder of Arsenal in 2018. But he was taken in by a part of the supporters of the Gunners, who believe that his wealth did not translate into investments in the London club.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi – Paris Saint-Germain

Nasser Al-Khelaifi is widely known among European football fans. He is the image of Qatar in Paris. The businessman and politician is chairman of the board of directors of BeIn Media Group1, chairman of Qatar Sports Investment (QSI).

He has an impressive financial windfall (100 million in 2011 to recruit players), which has enabled him to make amazing transfers, such as that of Neymar in 2017. He was appointed Chairman and CEO of Paris Saint-Germain inNovember 2011.

During the Qatari era, PSG became the biggest French club, winning everything except the UCL.


Football's Money Era

With this list, it is clear that with proper investment, teams can improve their performance in their national championships and, sometimes, even in European competitions.

Will we in the future see more big investors in new European teams, or maybe MLS? Let’s wait and see the surprises that can happen in the next few years in world football.


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