Golden Gate Review 2021 – Why should you consider signing up for it?

From cleaning services to saloon and car services and grocery shopping, everything has gone online. Especially after the pandemic, this era of digitalization has enhanced its pace of action. Amid such circumstances, it was not possible that trading remained out of the internet’s path. Being one of the most widely practised professions we have seen this undergo massive transformations in the last few years, at the hands of the internet. Where dry cleaning and doctor consultation were all done through internet-connected devices, we saw the forex trading firms going online. 

This transition was met with a largely positive response from the traders because of the ease the concept brought with it. All the traders have seen the era when formal trips used to be planned to go to the forex firms and that used to be the most tiring part of the day. Back then there was no option but with the passage of time, a new and innovative option made it to the world. We saw online brokerage firms rolling in. At first, people were not ready to trust these firms because no one had thought of these online firms rolling out that would run online and one would have to trust them with their hard-earned assets. But gradually, the associated convenience overtook the fear of being looted and soon we saw traders massively adopting the idea of online brokerage firms. People saw how the need to make long trips was eliminated completely and the thought that these firms had too much to offer apart from an online stock exchange seemed huge. Such as market analysis, predictions, trends, etc. When all such essential tools were provided, traders were bound to be impressed and hence they ran to join.

When a boom in the demand of such firms was seen, it was pretty obvious that more such brokers would come rushing into the market. It appeared to be a piece of good news initially but when we had to live with them, it was realized what mess we all had landed in. Although many but not all of these firms were trustworthy. Most of us could not figure it out at the start but after a series of betrayals, we developed an understanding that in reality we were being trapped. 

Most of the newbies were targeted initially by fraudulent companies because the new traders are usually not in a habit of researching. You are young and there is a high chance of you making less thoughtful decisions and relying more on what you hear from people without considering if their words are worth the blind trust or not. This takes me to another point, remember you are never recommended to trust someone’s suggestion blindly no matter how sincere someone sounds. This is not because you should doubt their intentions, but because it has been established that all traders do not have standard trading needs. One platform might be great for a trader and average for another. This is why the only way to validate the suggestion is to look into the advice yourself. 

This is what I had been lagging and initially and hence I ended up. in the hands of imposters multiple times. I want you all to learn how to spot an imposter instantly and how to pick the right firm. Apart from that, I am frequently asked what makes me stick to Golden Gate for so long. It is hard to answer this question in a few words so I am writing this review to answer this question as thoroughly as possible. So let’s get into a detailed Golden Gate review. 


Security is the mandatory element that has to be uncompromised in the forum. Because I have been deceived multiple times so security was the first thing that I probed. I went straight to the bottom of the page and opened the Legal section at the bottom. Although reading legal documents is not an easy job for someone like me, I told myself I had to go through it properly to avoid scams. I was particularly astonished by seeing the amount of transparency adopted in the documents such as privacy policy, Withdrawal Refund and Cancellation Policy, Terms and Conditions, Anti Money Laundering Policy and KYC, and Risk Disclosure Statement. I would recommend you all to go through it even if you don’t sign up to see how these documents appear for a trustworthy firm. 

Apart from this, I also talked to my seniors and colleagues who were already using Golden Gate. I told them I can compromise on anything but security. After hearing this they all recommended I look into the Golden Gate option. I was also told that my seniors had never heard of any security breach or cyber-attacks at the company’s network and hence it could be trusted with the assets. By this time I was willing to trust the platform but I decided to talk to the customer support representatives to clear any remaining doubts. After a long conversation with the representative, I was particularly confident about my choice. I would recommend you all to follow these and any other steps that you can think of to be sure of the fact that your firm will not turn out to be a looter. Just recently, I got a call from my friend who said his firm was running well when suddenly all the users could not access their accounts. Later it was revealed that the CEO has fled to another country taking all the funds along with him and now all the users are helpless. This is what you need to be sure about, a reputable firm would never do this. 

Customer Support

Next, I would like to discuss the customer support services of the company which are fairly satisfactory. I have always called them whenever I come across any problem, big or small. And I must say I have found them incredibly helpful and reliable. Had it not been for these trained individuals, I would’ve been still struggling with basic operations on the website. Well, I like how the company trains their representatives before they are allowed to get in touch with us. This shows that the company is mindful of the fact that these people from the face of the firm and hence should be both respectful and responsible. 

So, there are multiple options that let you get in touch with these individuals. These include call, chat, email, form submission, etc. I have never used the call option because it is only for users living in the United Kingdom and Australia. This is what I do not like a lot because there are some people who do not like to write out complaints. Another problem lies with the limited hours of operation. Company Representatives cannot be accessed 24/7, in fact, the services remain suspended on weekends and are available for a limited duration on weekdays. This is not something great because millions of users from all around the globe make use of Golden Gate and the differences in time zone makes it hard for them to get in contact in the given time slots. Otherwise, the services are up to the mark, one does not have to wait in a long queue to get in touch. Also, I like how the reps take your small problems very seriously. 

Engaging and Attractive

I would also like to discuss how the website is super interactive and engaging. You don’t feel bored, despite the dry trading operations. I like how the background is white because this is more convenient for my eyes. Black backdrops work for some people because they find them more mature. This is why it is often recommended that a theme option is added to the entire website. I am also a fan of the website being self-explanatory and user friendly. You can easily navigate through it and reach your desired commands in no time. 


Easy to Access

The website is easy to access from both your phone and the Laptop. This means that you need not carry a laptop along with you everywhere. I have also used the phone version and it is equally convenient and interactive. But there is no date and time bar at the top which is very helpful for making timely decisions. I also like the idea of integrated graphics. If you go too far exploring the website, there is always a logo at the top to pull you back to the main page. If you have your web browser connected to the internet, you are good to go on all devices. 

Concluding Remarks

Golden Gate has given me the confidence and courage that I lacked otherwise. The optimal trading environment provided here is all a trader can ask for. As discussed above, there are many associated flaws but I feel like they can be overlooked keeping in mind the other major impeccable services. I would recommend you look into all the above elements before picking your platform. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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