Guide on How to get Luxury Car Rental Services in Dubai as Tourist

Dubai has structured itself around the needs of tourists and it goes beyond lengths to provide them with luxury comfort and a wishful adventure. This is the approach of Dubai’s government and everyone who has settled their business in Dubai. This approach has made Dubai the most loved tourist spot in the world. No matter which country you belong to, you will enjoy your stay in Dubai. Luxury car rental in Dubai too are providing every facility there is to provide the tourists with the most amazing luxury cars in the world luxury car rental service.

As Dubai is famous for cars so the rental companies there must hold that title gracefully. Car rental companies in Dubai focus on getting the most latest models of cars from all the renowned brands all over the world. This is the only reason a car rental company can survive in Dubai’s competitive market. Apart from luxury cars, supercars are also the biggest attraction of tourists in Dubai. So the rental company with the most diversified luxury car brand is appreciated the most. 

If you are visiting Dubai for the time you might get confused with all the rental companies providing discounts and offers. It is not a big issue. You can easily decide on the rent a luxury car in dubai by following these key points.

Documentation You Need to Have as a Tourist to Rent a Luxury Car

Before we go into the details of finding the best luxury car for you. You need to know that Dubai is very strict when it comes to traffic rules. So if you want to rent a car in Dubai you should provide the following documents.

  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy
  • Driver’s License

Note that there are certain countries whose driving license is acceptable by Dubai’s government. If you don’t fall in that list you need to have an international driver’s permit. If you have all these documents and you are 21 years old you can rent a luxury car. For Sports car, you have to be 25 years old.

Luxury car rentals in Dubai have simplified the process for their clients. You can subscribe on the website and submit your documents electronically and you get your car delivered at the airport.

Search For The Luxury Car Rental in Dubai Online 

Internet in the first “go-to” when it comes to finding something anywhere in the world. As the world has established a ground where finding and booking services digitally are safe and better. Car rental companies have provided their clients with online booking and renting services. Almost every car rental company has a website, where you can choose your car and book it for a day, week or month. All you have to do is steer clear from the scams and you are good to go. The best practice is to contact multiple companies and ask about their terms and conditions of luxury car rentals.

Check the Online Reviews

Online reviews are an amazing source to know if the company is professional or not. You can get more information from the reviews than the company itself. Check their GMB ratings and their social media handles and then decide if you want to go with the company or not.

Ask Questions From the Company

If you regularly visit Dubai and rent luxury cars you must be aware of what things are included in the cost. However, if you are visiting for the first time you need to ask the following questions from your company.

  • How much deposit do I need to pay?

Most of the luxury car rental service demand deposit as a security fee for the vehicle. Ask the company when the amount will be refunded and what will cause deductions in the deposit.

  • How much insurance money is included in the Cost?

Rental companies may include Comprehensive insurance, Collision Damage Waiver (CWD), and Full Coverage insurances in the price. Ask the company to exclude these if you have auto insurance on your credit card.

  • Do I have to pay for the Tolls?

Salik tolls are electronically charged to the car, so some companies may deduct it from the deposit. Ask the company if these are included in the rent or deposit.

  • Do I have to pay for the GPS services?

If you are visiting for the first time you would require the GPS. Many luxury car rentals in Dubai provide GPS with their cars. Company’s GPS can guide you properly and you can save your time and efforts for choosing the correct path.

  • What if the car breaks down?

Road assistance is provided by many luxury car rentals but some may ask for extra charges. Verify all the details in case of accidents and car break downs.

All these details can help you decide on the right rental company for your car. Just pay the amount and enjoy luxury car rental service.

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