Hand Sanitizers for the Personal Hygiene

Health and hygiene are something nobody likes to compromise and implement the same in their daily lives. In a day we come across different people, some keep themselves neat and tidy and whereas some are messy. We never know in what ways the germs are being transmitted in our bodies and from what source. That’s why doctors advise everyone to keep alcohol based hand sanitizer handy and use it at regular intervals. Germs are our biggest enemy and they hamper our bodies in various ways and it’s important to deal with the same timely.

Some of the important characteristics of a hand sanitizer are as follows:

  • Hand sanitizers came into the picture when people realized that soaps cannot be carried everywhere and every time and this bottled liquid gel is more effective in destroying the bacteria.
  • Most healthcare professionals use it often as compared to others as it is not convenient for them to wash hands after attending to every new patient.
  • The concentration of alcohol varies as usually 60%-90% of alcohol is highly effective and is mostly preferred in clinics or other health care facilities, and on the contrary for general regular use low concentration of alcohol is preferred. 
  • It is said the moment hand sanitizer is applied it shows its effect within 30 seconds and kills the bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 
  • A hand sanitizer is something that should not be played with and must be kept out of the reach of children.
  • As it is flammable, children should not use it commonly and play with the same. 
  • There are several versions of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, with combinations of ethanol, n-propanol, isopropyl alcohol, different fragrances of aloe vera, green apple, mint, lemon, orange, etc. are also available. 
  • This product is easily available in the market and is pocket-friendly as well. When it comes to using the best, one must prefer alcohol-based sanitizers instead of non-alcohol ones. 
  • Sanitiser must not be wiped off when applied as it becomes less effective and the purpose couldn’t be solved.

It is also suggested to the general public to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers in permissible amounts as their excessive usage can spoil the hands making them greasier. For healthcare workers using the sanitizer is mandatory during and after visiting a patient as the hospital is surrounded by patients and other staff, so the probability of catching an infection is more. So wherever not necessary, prefer washing hands instead of using a hand sanitizer.

Not just the alcohol, sanitizers also contain other additives and chemicals that can leave behind rough and dry hands leading to irritation or dryness. The appropriate moisturizer should be applied to the skin to keep it healthy. As the skin is the most sensitive organ, it must be nurtured well. The sanitizers can be harmful to the skin so one should buy according to their skin type and avoid excessive usage. Soap and water is a better option as compared to sanitizer as it is more tolerable on the skin. Choose the one that suits the skin and is safe to apply.


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