Heart Issues and Erectile Dysfunction

Heart is the base of human life. It supplies blood across the entire body, blood which is the source of movement and proper functioning of all the organs. Thus, any problem in this organ tends to negatively impact the other organs and their performance.

Cardiac problems are one of the most prevailing issues found globally. As per a study, almost 6.5% adult men in Australia suffer from some form of cardiac disease.

Erectile dysfunction is the name given to the condition where the penis does not remain firm long enough for the completion of the sexual intercourse. It is a global issue faced by men; the ratio of Australian men experiencing the issue is at a high rate of almost 1:5 above the age of forty.

Erectile dysfunction and cardiac problems are closely linked. A firm erection takes place when blood flows through the delicate vessels of the penis. A dysfunction therefore occurs when there is an issue in this flow.

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is when the heart pumps blood in excess. This tends to disrupt and damage the delicate vessels across the body. This makes it difficult for the muscles to relax and restrict the required flow of blood in the penis.

The condition also tends to lower testosterone level in the body and may also create issues in ejaculation. All of these problems eventually lead to erectile dysfunction.

Cardiovascular Issues

Cardiovascular diseases include coronary artery disease and other diseases impacting the main organs: heart and blood vessels. Coronary issues are the result of fatty deposits inside the blood vessels, resulting in lower than required volume of blood getting pumped across the body. In Australia almost 11% of patients were hospitalized due to cardiovascular diseases in a year.

This lack of blood flow not only leads to the inability of maintaining erection but it also prevents the erection from taking place in the first place.

Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle should be adopted. Ample of physical activities along with a proper healthy diet should be consumed. As this will not only keep the cardiovascular system well-functioning but will also keep ED at bay.

ED at times is a consequence of heart problems while at times it becomes an indication to an underlying cardiac issue. In Australia more than ninety thousand men with ED have some or the other cardiac problem.

Thus, for an ED patient the first step in to consult a heart specialist and get a proper checkup done to ascertain the root cause of the issue. Once the source of the problem is identified the practitioner will prescribe the medications and advice on the solutions for the issue.


If the source of the issue is the deposition of fatty acids in the vessels, it can be removed using sound waves. This can help in curing ED.

ED treatments in the form of physical vacuum pumps and rings are available. While the former creates a vacuum in the penis muscles and enables the blood flow in due the pressure created, the latter helps in retaining the erection by blocking the blood from flowing out.

Over-the-counter medications are even available as a cure for ED. Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and Avanafil are some famous drugs widely used and easily available. You can buy cenforce 100 online along with all the aforementioned medications in Australia.

In order to get the most authentic medicine from the comfort of your home check this website: OZ Meds Online. It is extremely important to use and buy such medicines through a prescription only, especially for cardiac patients.

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