How do you clear a clogged vape cartridge?

For experienced vape cartridge users, clogs are a common occurrence. Imagine buying a vape cartridge then it stops working normally after a short while. When in such a situation you don’t have to go right ahead and redeem your warranty or buy a new one. The cause of the vape cartridge not working could be that it is clogged. This cartridge guides you on how to unclog a vape cartridge

What causes a clog in vape cape cartridges?

Each type of concentrate in a vape cartridge has its viscosity level. The higher the viscosity of the concentrate the more the vape cartridge will clog. However, the original nature of the is not the cause of clogged vape cartridges. Sudden changes in temperature & pressure or exposure to sunlight are the main causes of clogs in vape cartridges. 

During the winter when the temperatures are too low, you are more likely to experience a clog than during the summer.  Low temperature increases the viscosity of the vape concentrate.

How to know that your vape cartridge is clogged.

If a vape cartridge becomes clogged, the device’s mouthpiece will not have sufficient airflow.  Thus, you will not get the same vapor quality as when there is no clog. If the light on the device is still on, but there is no airflow, it means that the device is working properly but something is blocking the vapor from reaching the mouthpiece.

3 methods to help unclog a vape cartridge.

  1. Gently blow air into the mouthpiece.

Blowing the vape cartridge’s mouthpiece gets rid of any clog located around the top of the mouthpiece. You can use your mouth to blow some air into the mouthpiece. Do not use a lot of force as it could cause a potential leak in the cartridge. The first alone may not work; thus you should try blowing the mouthpiece at least five times then try the device to know if the method worked.

  1. Remove the clogging material manually from the vape cartridge.

If method 1 is not working, small and pointy objects such as toothpicks, sewing needles, and safety pins could be the perfect solution to your clogged vape cartridge. These objects can easily get into the holes of the mouthpiece and help remove the clog around its top.

  1. Apply some heat. 

If you have tried the previous methods and none is working, heat could be your best friend at that time. It could be that there is no clog near the mouthpiece top that can be dislodged manually or using air, but there the vape concentrate/ oil has become too thick; thus, making the vape cartridge become clogged. 

You can use a hairdryer to apply some heat to the vape cartridge. Increasing the heat level inside the cartridge will decrease the viscosity of the concentrate or oil and thereby, unclog the device. 

Other common vape cartridge defects.

Apart from clogged vape cartridges, other common defects can make your vape cartridge stop functioning properly. They include:

  1. Vape Cartridge and battery/ pen not working at all.

You may try activating the battery of your vape cartridges severally and still be unsuccessful. This defect can be due to several mishaps. Most vape cartridges feature 510 threaded connections with their respective batteries or vape pens. If the vape cartridge is not tightly secured into the battery such that the connection is not complete, the vape cartridge’s battery or pen may not activate at all.
If the contact between the battery and the vape cartridge is clogged with some material, the device may also not work at all. Thus you should always inspect this contact.

You should also ensure the vape cartridge’s battery is fully charged before using it. With a dead battery, the device can not work. Luckily, some batteries are compatible with pass-through charging; meaning you can use the device taking your hits.

  1. The vapor from the vape cartridge tastes burnt.

Usually, vapor with a burnt taste is caused by vaping with a very high-temperature setting. If the vape cartridge. If the battery has adjustable temperature settings try setting it to much lower settings.


Clogged vape cartridges can be very irritating, they are a common experience due to the nature of vape concentrates or oils. Fortunately, you now know how to deal with this defect. You should try all three methods in the above text before thinking of buying a new CBD vape cartridge or redeeming the warranty.

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