How Packaging Exist in Pharmacy Industry?

Medicine packaging can be explained as packaging products made using medicine compatible material to give identification, protection to drugs, and ensure the honesty of enclosed medicines. Experts used secondary and primary packaging to protect the product from climatic, chemical, mechanical, and biological hazards. Accordingly, caps & closures, bottles, labels & accessories, blisters, pre-filled syringes, pre-filled inhalers, pouches & strip packs, cartridges, jars & canisters, ampoules medication tubes, and vials are part of primary packaging solutions. While secondary packaging includes paperboard boxes and temperature-controlled packaging. Pharmacy boxes are made by using a plethora of raw materials like aluminum foil, plastics & polymers, glass, paper & paperboards, and others. In accordance, primary packaging is made of the material like glass, aluminum foil, and plastic & polymers.

Eco-friendly packaging for the medicines 

When we talk about eco-friendly packaging, bottles or jars are perfect for the storage of medicines in solid and liquid forms and can be coupled with the needed type of closure and cap to suit particular applications such as ophthalmic drops and nasal spray. The surging use of medicines delivery mode owing to users ease and compliance, diseases increasing cases, and an increase in the aging citizens in developed areas are responsible for this share of the bottles. While the prefilled syringes are also the fastest-growing kind in the overall pharmacy market, owing to the enhanced cases of diabetes. It becomes very important for the manufacturers to make eco-friendly packaging.

Pharmaceutical packaging

The medicine directly lies under the primary packaging. They normally include glass bottles, prefilled inhalers, plastic bottles blister packs, medication tubes, and others.  While the real contributors to this segment’s growth are pre-fillable inhalers and pre-fillable syringes. Ampoules & vials, plastic bottles, and blister packs are also few primary packaging solutions that are multiplying. In addition, biotechnology’s advancement leading new therapies (injectable parental), and a surge in high visibility unit medicine packaging for diseases like diabetes, will drive the primary sector. While the inhalers’ growth is anticipated to be supported by an increasing number of migraine, chronic asthma, and allergy patients treated with inhalation medicines.

Furthermore, an increase in diverse and advanced medicine-producing platforms in developed countries will drive primary packaging growth. Accordingly, under-developing, counties are anticipated to become a few of the fast-growing markets owing to swiftly expanding pharmaceutical producing adoption and capabilities of more rigid regulations intended at improving the reliability and quality of domestically produced medicines.

Pharmaceutical Packaging material 

Normally, more than 51% of medicines have been taken orally by capsules or tablets, which are safely fed in pharmaceutical bottles or in blister packs. In addition, pastilles, liquids, and powders also a part of oral drug intake. Apart from this, other medicines taking methods are widely used by individuals now. These methods are, transdermal, intravenous or parenteral, and inhalation with different percentages. It is observed that these changes drop a huge impact on the packaging or boxes market. Because there is a surging need for delivering individual packaging solutions, tailored, which guarantee the medicines’ effectiveness.

As a wholesaler or manufacturers, you better understand the importance of packaging in the pharmacy industry. To deliver the boxes that are eco-friendly and retain the medicine’s quality at the same level, you need an expert’s help. Through which you will be able to provide the required and suitable boxes for the medicines.

Suitable packaging technologies for the Medicines 

Medicines need proper boxes or packaging solutions that keep them in the same condition as they were manufactured. For this, producers used some advanced technologies like blow-fill-seal technology with a blow-fill-seal process. In blow-fill-seal technology plastic containers are manufactured and filled with the sterile filtered item while sealed in an uninterrupted succession of operations along with the controlled sterile environment or surrounding of a single drug. This technology is worldwide used by manufacturers because of its inherent operational benefits over the conventional aseptic production processes.

This system provides a unique and different combination of flexibility in box design with sterility assurance and low operating cost. In this process, manufacturers also used a plethora of polymers, high and low-density polypropylene and polyethylene being the most demanding.  Accordingly, this packaging flexibility and eco-friendly nature increased the demand for this technology.

Making of Pharmacy Packaging

While the blow-fill-seal process includes container filling, container molding, and container sealing. These all three processes perform differently with different procedures. Thermoplastic is always extruded in a tabular form. In accordance, when a tube reaches the mold closes, the correct length and the parison is cut. The parison’s bottom is pinched closed and its top is held in place with holding jaws’ set. Finally, this mold is transferred to the filling station. The mold is then transferred to a position under the filling station.

Accordingly, container filling includes the nozzle assembly lowers into the parison till nozzles shape the seal with the mold’s neck. While container production is concluded by applying a vacuum on the container’s mold-side by blowing sterile filtered air into containers’ interior. And, in the container sealing process, the container’s top remains semi-molten while separate seal mold close to producing the containers’ top and hermetically. These processes are repeated and tested by the experts, again and again, to ensure that they meet the required specifications or not. Accordingly, if you need rigid boxes or packaging solutions for medicines, you need to consult with the reputed source’s experts for this. They will guide you accordingly and also gives you a better and demanding solution to your boxes.


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