How Simple Curtains Can Improve Your Home Décor This Christmas

If you want to add impact to your Christmas décor, why not try something new with your curtains? Here are some ideas to use simple curtains to improve your home décor this Christmas.

Pin on Festive Pom Poms 

If you invested in customized curtains Calgary homeowners love, yule them up by pinning upholstery trim with pretty green and red pom poms, or something a little more elegant like silver and gold tassels to your curtains. You can do this easily without interfering with the look of your curtains while adding an unmistakably festive feel to your room. Make sure to use safety pins to avoid getting pinched.

Create a Christmas Themed Tie Back

Another great idea for curtains customized in Calgary is to purchase themed material to create festive sash-style ties. You can hold back your curtains with these pretty Christmas tie backs to add a special touch during the holiday season. You can also use festive holiday ribbon in broader sizes for tie backs.

Invest in Christmas Curtains

If you always take your Christmas décor to the next level, consider having customized Calgary curtains made with a holiday theme. This is an investment upfront, but will provide joy for years to come whenever you hang them. Whether you choose your favourite holiday colours, have festive decorative detailing, or go all out with a festive Christmas themed fabric, your windows will become a major focal point for your holiday theme.

Holiday Stripes

Create holiday stripes by buying curtains Calgary finds in solid coloured panels. Hang them by alternating the colours to create bold, holiday stripes. Whether it is cheerful red and white, elegant gold and silver, or traditional red and green, you can create an interesting striped statement that really congers up the holiday spirit.

Use Your Words

Buy ready-made curtains in white and create stencils to layout Christmas messages.  “Joy to the World”, “Peace on Earth”, “Santa Stops Here”, “Santa Baby”, or whatever speaks to your inner Christmas elf. Have fun with it, using multiple quotes from favourite Christmas carols like “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” or a big statement word like “Joy!”. And you aren’t stuck to white curtains. Choose the colours you favour during the Christmas season.

Introduce Lace

Adding a layer of lace curtain panels either over your curtains or behind them creates texture very much like the lovely white snowflakes of a Calgary winter. You can look to buy lace curtains Calgary Christmas angels love with the snowiest patterns. They also add a Victorian look if your decorations tend to favour the more traditional style of holiday décor. It’s subtle, but it works.

Glitter Glue

Buy curtains in solid coloured panels in red, green, white, or an edgier modern gray, and apply glitter glue to holiday-themed stencils. The glittery motifs will not only look pretty in the day but also add more sparkle when you light your fireplace or Christmas candles at night.

Angel’s Wings

If you don’t want to ruin your custom curtains Calgary homeowners admire, add a hint of wintery, heavenly white Christmas feathers to your curtains. You can often find feather boas at craft or costume stores which can be pinned across the top of your curtains or on the inside seams. You can also use them as tie backs. They are chic, elegant and fun, ideal to bring out the glamourous Christmas angel in you.

These ideas are easy to accomplish with a trip to your local craft or curtain store in Calgary. You can then swap out your Christmas themed window treatments with your everyday curtains and then take them down when the festivities end! Happy Holidays!

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