How To Choose The Right Colored Lenses For The Right Occasion

Contact lenses are all the rage now and for good reason. Not only can you change your eye color within seconds but you can also get rid of those pesky eyeglasses whenever you want. Moreover, wearing contact lenses is so much fun now because they come in so many different colors, shades, styles, designs and even prints.

Nonetheless, contact lenses are made for all sorts of occasions. Be it a morning brunch, an outdoor seminar, an official meeting, a night party, Halloween part, costume party or other celebratory events. Blue contact lenses may look amazing during an evening event but they may appear too bright and sharp during an outdoor event.

Hence, if you worry about choosing the right colored contacts for events, learn how you take the pick effortlessly.

Fresh Blue Contacts

Nice clear blue contact lenses are not only eye-catching but look amazing on just about everyone. Men and women can enjoy wearing fresh blue lenses as they look natural, unique and add an extra oomph to your overall look.

Fresh blue contacts such as Topaz Blue and Caribbean Blue can be effortlessly worn to formal as well as casual events. The color is versatile and since it is subtle, it will only enhance your natural features without appearing sharp.

Hence, you can easily wear fresh blue lenses during daytime events such as outdoor brunches, lunches, wedding parties, backyard BBQ parties, golfing, etc.

Deep Blue

Darker blue shades may not even be noticeable but will enhance your overall look. Blue contact lenses such as Sapphire Blue and Ocean Blue are nice and perfect for men and women above 45 years of age. Since mature people prefer sophisticated shades, deep blue lenses are ideal for them.

Bright Blues

Teenagers, young adults as well as people who like to explore new accessories should definitely opt for bright blue contacts. Interestingly, bright blue contacts are beautiful no matter what. This shade is definitely a more adventurous choice and be sure to have a nice steely gaze as soon as you wear it. Vivid, noticeable and unique, bright blue lenses can help you stand out from the crowd.

Wear bright blues during night time and evening events to make a statement.

Fresh Green

The confidence of a good look person reveals everything. Interestingly, very less people opt for green colored contact lenses and it’s truly a shame. Shades such as green blends and Jade green are super natural, beautiful and striking.

If you have a fair skin or even wheatish, try wearing green lenses and give your face a new charm.

Lime Green

Bright and striking greens are for people who like to experiment. Along with green, it incorporates hints of yellow. It is gorgeous, and makes your eyes super prominent with no effect on the natural eye color.


Believe it or not, gray has so many nice shades when it comes to lenses. As unique as their name, gray lenses are totally sultry and seductive. They have a wonderful depth in color and look magnificent on dark skinned people. Gray contact lenses enhance your natural features.

They look magnificent when worn to occasions that call for formal attires and dress codes. Events such as weddings, formal official parties and meetings are the right places to wear these lenses.


Deep brown lenses have an aura of their own. While you can flaunt them in the daytime, you can equally look gorgeous when wearing them during the evening. Brown lenses have many shades and suit almost all skin types.

Pair them with smokey eyes and nude lips to attract attention. Nice chocolate blends and bronze blends are very appealing. The beauty of dark brown shades is that they are opaque and prominent. Whatever natural eye color you have, brown lenses will cover them amazingly.

Honey and Amber

Both these colors are bright just like blue contact lenses. They are pretty to wear when going out with friends or when going for a vacation. Since they are bright and noticeable, it’s best that you wear them when hosting events to grab all the attention. Try different shades of both colors and choose your favorite.

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