To create a free and effective newsletter you need 4 tools, one of your choice: TinyLetter, Substack, Feedburner, or Revue. If you want to stay on WordPress I suggest using some simple and effective extensions. This is enough to get you started.

With these tools, you have to feed the audience, increase subscribers, and select quality content to ensure that people do not leave the list.

Email marketing is essential to retain the target. And you can create it at no cost with the tools I have listed. Do you want to know them better? Here’s how  KissAnime Helps you to create a free newsletter that is simple to manage but effective at the same time.

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The first tool I suggest to create a free newsletter, so without paying for software that is too complex for your needs, is Tinyletter. Why is it so important to add this solution to the list of best free email marketing tools?

First of all, we are talking about a program that is part of the large Mailchimp family, so this is already a guarantee of quality. Then we are talking about a tool for sending massive emails that offers all the tools to send simple content, especially based on text formats but which can be enriched by images. Are there any limits to register? The graphics.

Can you create great templates? For nothing. Then the contact management is reduced to the bone and you can reach a maximum of 5,000 contacts. But if you thin the list and delete the inactive ones you are covered for an effective personal newsletter (I use this service).


A cross between blogging and newsletters, that’s what Substack is. Currently, this tool is a favorite of Anglo-Saxon bloggers, content creators, and journalists to manage and distribute content in a simple and effective way.

In addition – and this is the big news – it allows you to earn serious online money because you can ask members to contribute to the project. In short, Substack is a tool for creating independent newsletters, easy to read and able to survive.

There is a monetization system. For this there are no limits to the possibility of giving real subscribers and importing mailing lists, they don’t want to sell you advanced services.

You also have some possibilities to customize the home page with which you present the contents. While the creation is based on the classic WYSIWYG editor.


Maybe you’ve heard of Revue because it’s the newsletter service that Twitter recently bought. Based on the same principle as Substack, subscribers to your channel can contribute with a fee. You also have the possibility to:

  • Create a landing page to increase subscribers.
  • Take advantage of a practical drag & drop system.
  • Activate a domain with a custom URL.
  • Schedule content publications.
  • Manage the insights of your newsletters.

Import subscribers from platforms such as Mail, Mailchimp, Sendblaster, Sendinblue, and other platforms thanks to the CSV file and you can integrate WordPress with a plugin.

No limits for subscribers and good personalization of public areas close the offer of this tool to create free and easy to read newsletters.


Do you have a blog and want to create a mailing list to feed with the content you publish? How to create a free newsletter by doing a good job of blogging?

I suggest this plugin because you just have to install it. We are talking about an extension dedicated to your WordPress blog designed to create newsletters with a drag & drop system, send to an unlimited number of subscribers, and track emails.

There is also an advanced targeting system. You can create HTML or text emails, and if you are looking for something more you have the option of purchasing the professional version.


What is Feedburner doing in this list dedicated to the best tools to create a newsletter? Simple, it’s perfect if you just want to send blog posts to loyal readers.

In fact, with this tool for managing a blog’s RSS feed, you can create a subscription box and send the contents of the blog automatically. Practically?

You just have to register at with your Google account, submit your RSS ( here’s how to find your website feed ), and extract the link from the registration box. Then share wherever you want, via social media or in the sidebar.

Positive sides: no cost or limit of subscribers. On the other hand, it is not a real tool for creating newsletters but for sending content via email. So you have no possibility to customize texts or contact lists. Is enough for you?

Which do you choose?

These are the tools that help you create a free newsletter. In some cases, you can even make money, but the essential point is this: you must have the freedom to create, share and feed your target. Did you choose the right tool?

Program Subscribers Pro Custom Editor

Substack Infinite No Yup Yup

TinyLetter 5,000 No No Yup

Feedburner Infinite No No No

Newsletter Infinite Yup Yup Yup

Revue Infinite No Yup Yup

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