How to Find a Secure Umrah Package in the UK

Umrah can be carried out anytime and any month of the year. This is a privilege to the pilgrims that they can choose any time of the year to go and perform Umrah. People see their ease and then book with the Umrah packages. Some find winters an ideal time for Umrah and some prefer to visit the Holy land in Summers. For the Muslims living in the Uk, it is the best time to choose the future Umrah packages so they can avail of the best fares and hassle-free experience. But there are many concerns about the customers to be fulfilled before booking. This blog comprises those concerns and how you can fix them.

How to Pick the Perfect Umrah Package:

Below are the ideas based on practical experiences and rationale. You are going to choose a perfect Umrah package for you and your family, what elements you will not forget to consider before booking? There you go.

Is Umrah open in December?

The lockdown is imposed again in the UK as the second wave of coronavirus strikes the country. This is a worldwide situation. Many countries are sealed their airports and no international flight is allowed there. You have to wait for some time as the lockdown is till December 1. After that, if you are already booked with your Umrah package, you will be allowed to go and have your sacred pilgrimage. The people who tried to book their November Umrah are unfortunately not able to make out their journey to Saudi Arabia. Are there chances for the extentiuon of the lockdown is another concern the people who want to go for Umrah are having. It is up to the government. But if the cases of the coronavirus increases, we have to avoid thinking of going for Umrah. Keep yourself and your family safe.

Things You will Need to have for the Umrah Trip:

Things you will need to pack for the Umrah trip this time are the same. But you have to keep extra bundles of masks, gloves, and sanitizers for your journey.

You have to keep a medical tool kit with you to avoid any emergency because in the time of Coronavirus if you are not actively responsible for yourself, nobody will do care for you. You have to be a leader of yourself to keep yourself safe.

Choose the Right Month:

Choosing the right month matters a lot. The most suggested month for Umrah’s purpose is December. People from the west prefers Umrah in normal weather. December suits them. Not only this month but November, January, February are also good months to book the Umrah. It is said that the bookings in these months save your pocket and have the best experience in your life.

Non-Shifting Package:

Traveling with family for Umrah is tough. Even if you are going solo, you have to pick a non-shifting Umrah package and that has a reason. The non-shifting package is not that expensive and it will not let you shift from one hotel to another at the last time. You have to stay at a single hotel throughout your Umrah journey. Your family will not afford this hassle, so make sure your non-shifting package is been booked and confirmed.

Check the Health Insurance:

Health and travel insurances for a smooth journey are important. It is your responsibility to take care of every benefit that belongs to you. Check the Insurances the company and government are offering. Without insurance, it is nonsense to travel to the other country.

You Should not Choose an Agent:

Don’t use the agent’s services. The company is always a good option you can trust on. The company in the UK cannot be a fraud. The possibility of you being mugged by a company is equal to zero. So don’t rely on the agents and always go and book your Umrah journey with the companies working in the United Kingdom. You will look at the benefit of booking with the agents because they offer in less to get you better Umrah plans. But that is not true. A company can offer you things that actually exist on the ground.

Check the Experience and Portfolio of a Company:

The first thing to check is a certificate the Hajj Ministry of Saudi Arabia has given to them to function in the UK. Without that this company cannot be trusted. The second thing is the registration of the company with IATA and the government of the UK. Also, look at the reviews on the social media people made for the company. Also, don’t compromise on anything included in the package. Must see the condition of the hotel the company is booking your rooms for. Don’t compromise on the germ-free Flight experience too.

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