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How to Find the Right SEO Firm for Your Business That Help You to Beat Your Competitor?


Every other SEO firm claims to be the best SEO company in India and promises to boost your rankings. But finding the right one for your firm can be tricky. Finding the right SEO agency is important because they help you to beat your competitor.

When we say beating your competitor, we mean it in terms of revenue and leads, not knocking their teeth out literally. And to generate more revenue than them through online streams, you have to up your SEO game.

But how do you ensure that the SEO agency is the right fit for you? In this blog, we are sharing with you a quick checklist to check their claims.

The 3-step checklist to find an SEO company in India

Follow these quick checklist points to determine if the claims are true and if the agency is the right partner for you.

1.      Competitor analysis

If your SEO agency is not presenting to you any numbers about the SEO status of the competition and is not conducting a competitor analysis, then the agency is not a reliable one.

Beating the competition takes more than having an SEO agency. It means keeping an eye on their website, monitoring their changes, and the keywords they are targeting. You should know where you stand on mutual keyword positions and are they using any keywords relevant to you but you are not using. Use their information to beat them in the search.

2.      User-centric content

Most businesses believe that all their content should be about them, their business, their products, their product’s features. If your local SEO services in Noida agency are not challenging this concept, then probably it is time to work with a new one.

A good SEO agency creates user-centric content to solve for user intent. They create educational content and channel the buyers through nurturing. Instead of creating content that you want, good agencies create and upload content on the website that your users and a potential buyer are looking for.

3.      Internal linking

A lot of blogs on Google are not interlinked. Maybe because most people do not know the purpose of it and do not care about links. If your SEO agency is just focused on creating more and more backlinks and uploading new content without creating a semantic relationship, you are missing opportunities.

Good SEO agencies always emphasize creating interlinked content. This way, local SEO services in Noida helps you create a flowing and continued experience for the user. Further, they also let search engines note that all these resources are related to each other and provide value. Hence, if any one page ranks, other blogs in the cluster also start ranking.


For further information and help on how good to find a good digital marketing company in India and how they can help you scale your business, reach out to our team for a free consultation.

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