From the cardboard sheets wholesale supplies to full-fledged packaging, perfect for protecting the products, here is everything you should know about cardboard packaging.

In the modern market conditions where the competition is elevating every day and businesses are looking for the ultimate way to make their sales grow and get better feedback from the consumers, packaging can prove to be the dynamic companion of the marketers. Creatively designed packaging manufactured with cardboard sheets wholesale supplies can be used for the process as the material is superior in sturdy nature and can be customized in any desired shape and size due to its versatility.


All the products in the market are distinct and require a different level of care to ensure the integrity of the products in a better way. Businesses are always looking for better and effective ways to elevate their products’ protection as they can help them get better and positive feedback from the consumers. Many packaging designs are available in the market that can help businesses package their products in a matchless way the use of cardboard packaging always remains on the top. Cardboard boxes are highly valued by all the businesses in the market. They provide endless benefits to the businesses both in the protective functions and to elevate the products’ visual appeal in front of consumers. These boxes are also superior in their sturdy nature as they can resist all sorts of damaging and contaminating factors with greater effectiveness and can be printed in creative graphics to meet the products’ promotional requirements.


These boxes are perfect for protecting all products as they are superior in their sturdiness and can keep the risks of physical impacts and damage away from the products in an ultimate manner. These boxes are manufactured of corrugated cardboard sheets that are highly stackable due to their superior internal structure that is more like a sandwich of small layers. Providing extra strength to the packaging. This perfect structure is acquired by corrugation and fluting of Kraft sheets to manufacture the unique sturdy single construction sheets perfect in their resistance against stacking and physical pressure. The structure comprises three layers, top and bottom flat Kraft sheets called a liner. In contrast, the internal fluted layer is called a medium that results in hollow air pockets inside the packaging to elevate the stacking characteristics. There are many types of corrugated sheets of cardboard available for manufacturing the packaging.

  • Single-walled sheets
  • Double-walled sheets
  • A4, A3, A2, A1, A0
  • Standard pallet
  • Full Europa
  • Full container, etc.


The corrugation process is highly important to provide the packaging with adequate strength as it helps to elevate the stacking capacity of the packaging in a better and effective manner. For making medium or the fluted sheet, Kraft rolls fed into an automatic Splicer machine where it is first passed through preheated rolls to elevate the pliability of material. Once the sheets are fed to preheated rollers, they are further processed in corrugating drums, which apply 175 to 180-pound pressure on every square inch of the material. The temperature is slowly raised to 365 degrees Fahrenheit and then rapidly dropped to make the material hold the new shape.

For corrugation, large machines are used that are consisted of different rollers that press the plain sheets of Kraft or liner with the medium. In contrast, the additional rollers help bind the liner to the medium using steam and high temperatures. At the end of the corrugating machine, a slit scoring trim cuts large sheets of material called Blanks. They can be further used in manufacturing wholesale cardboard boxes.


The packaging manufacturing process depends upon the technique used for cutting the sheets and assembling them into the packaging. For producing the¬†printed cardboard boxes,¬†the blanks are first fed into large printing machines called Flexo. Specially designed screens are placed horizontally on the blanks, and ink rollers are used to print the graphics. Other sorts of machines, such as digital printed and lithographs can be used depending upon the graphics’ nature. Other manufacturing machines for the packaging also includes Die cutters and Curtain Coaters. Die cutters used pressure to cut the blanks in desired dimensions depending upon the size of the packaging. At the same time, the Curtain Coaters works to apply wax film to certain packaging designs following the requirements. Once the blanks are cut and coated with films, they can be scored and assembled in any box’s desired shape.


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