Implementing Rocket Social as a tool to increase customer engagement on your photos

Optimizing social media use and their series of features is pivotal for any brand. Online marketers are abreast with the trends of every social platform. If you’re one of them, you need to know how to navigate your way to glory by using those tools.

  • For example, Instagram has a plethora of stellar features for businesses to explore. You can showcase your brand by just a photo. But, how much more can you derive from it by adding something extra to your photos?
  • The IG Story mechanism of swiping left and timing a story for a few seconds can actually entice more people to follow your account. But you need to need get it right.
  • With IG Stories, you can boost your business. First, set the settings right. Different settings work differently for different brands. Set it according to your needs.
  • For those viewing your Stories, you can allow others to save your Stories. If you’re using a business account, you can opt for IG insights and explore more crucial metrics or aspects of your post.
  • Adding hashtags and tagging accounts is another normal roadmap. IG story entails a text tool. It doesn’t allow you to add letters, but you can add hashtags.
  • Maximize the concerned feature by linking your post with related accounts. You can do it when your content features your partner brand or brand ambassador or endorser.
  • Adding doodles and stickers is another formidable way to boost your business.

On the tool

To begin with, Rocket Social helps brands and people engage audiences worldwide and activate them through engagement methods and influencer marketing.

  • The growth tool is a self-service one, helping you grow and bolster your Instagram.
  • While you do have sites like to gain more followers and organic likes, Rocket social helps you to sustain them and drive more traffic to your channel.
  • In the tool’s own words, it’s a legitimate and seamless influencer marketing fold, which brings organic and authentic IG followers.
  • It helps you in accelerating your growth through a dedicated and licensed account manager. This automated tool engages with potential audience/followers.
  • As far as pricing is concerned, the monthly plans of Rocket Social range from $40-$80.
  • The growth industry and system of Instagram is quite shady and notorious. Experts have discovered that one of the best and viable trust signals can be whether the brains behind Rocket Social and similar services are ready to publicly loop themselves with the business or not.
  • In addition to the relevant followers and organic growth, Rocket Social also provides chat support and displays their team on website.

Driving more followers

A comparative analysis with Aigrow can give you a better insight in this regard. Amongst the throng of automation tools gracing Instagram, Rocket Social is the one to watch out for. There are numerous reasons for this.

  • It increases your social following in the most organic manner through proven and sustainable marketing tactics. Hence, it’s not a one-hit-wonder.
  • You can find people, who naturally love or follow your IG content. They become your permanent followers.
  • This tool is the cynosure in the IG automation neighborhood currently. You can compare it with AiGrow on the basis of four categories.
  • These are set up, connecting with your IG account, features, maintenance and conclusion.
  • You click on the Free Trial on Rocket Social’s homepage. Although it says a free run, you still need to provide your credit card or PayPal information.
  • In addition to this information, you need to provide your IG login information as well.
  • Rocket Social, like numerous other IG growth bots isn’t available due to the new policies of the platform.
  • Rocket offers automated likes, followers and comments. You can use these things to target your actions (automated), depending on the hashtags floating around.
  • Take a clue from your competitors and also check the location.

Positives and pitfalls

It starts off on a pretty good note as it has a secure website. It’s a crucial aspect of owning an e-commerce business and conducting it regularly. It means your customers or followers can share their information or details on your platform sans any risk of somebody stealing or harming their identities.

  • Rocket Social also has a visible and upfront pricing structure. They have outlined the price points clearly on their website.
  • It has three price points. The first one starts at $20 per week. The others can shoot to $60 per month.
  • While the monthly package or subscription is seemingly better, you have different aspects and perks that depend on the one you opt for.
  • Real reviews about Rocket Social set it apart. Surprisingly, you can find a lot of genuine reviews on its website.
  • You have real names of individuals who have IG accounts. You can check the detailed information on the site.
  • They give thorough and correct quotes alongside their full names.
  • The service also verifies the payment. It ensures it’s absolutely safe or a person to share confidential information. It authenticates every payment gateway.
  • Its drab help page and FAQ is a negative aspect.

A prismatic view

Its weekly plan isn’t the most economical thing you will find in this genre. If you’re planning to work with it for a long time, you need to consider the Standard plan. It starts at $40.

  • It’s a great plan and almost everyone who used or is using Rocket Social advocates this package.
  • You can get an account manager by paying $40 per month. It’s neither cheap nor expensive. It’s actually great.
  • Although the service claims to get you at least 3500 followers every month, most people report getting around 2500-2800, which is still awesome.
  • You can also try its Power plan. It claims to give you 5000 followers every month. That’s a whopping number, isn’t it?
  • Most people haven’t noticed any glitch or issue. Rocket Social doesn’t go above or flout IG TOS. It does everything manually, which means there’s no risk. However, your opinion could vary in this regard.


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