InfinityCapitalG – Review 2021 Is this broker a good pick for traders?


If you ask me, I’ll say that the “T” in Trading stands for trust. Around a decade of experience in this profession tells me that trust is the must’ve element if you wish to see yourself as an accomplished trader in the years to come. My dad used to tell me how trust in every relationship is the key ingredient, be it your life or business matters. Back then, I used to think it was just another boring piece of advice that parents keep throwing at their children. But as I grew up and became a trader, I realized how imperative it is that both the parties have good intentions and only then you can expect peace of mind coming your way. 

Let me tell you who I am and what makes me eligible for penning down my experience with the platform InfinityCapitalG in the form of a review. Well, I am just another trader whose only merit is the years of struggle and effort to reach the peaks. I have experience of around 10 years and I have seen this profession mature and grow according to today’s world’s needs like a parent watches their child grow. Apart from that, I have had the opportunity of hanging out with brilliant and top-of-the-line traders which gives me added benefit. This helps me understand what’s popular amongst that circle with which I can easily figure out how to get things going in order to ensure maximum profits. 

I will try to put out as much information as I can so that you all can make full use of it and avoid all the mishaps which usually lie in the way of young traders. But before we start off, there are a few things that I’d like to talk out with you all. First of all, you can read my experience, make notes, gather pointers, make a priority list, see where you think I am not right, but never forget to conduct your own research. 

If you ever have the opportunity to meet any of the well-established and well-known traders, don’t forget to ask them about the one suggestion that they’d like to give to the new traders. Most of them will say, “Research your way through the profession”. And I totally agree with the golden suggestion. I might tell you this is the best forum, sign up for it and I must be right but I cannot judge what your trading needs are and if my platform will be able to serve them the way you want. This is why you can always consider the suggestions but the final decision has to be well thought.

I would also like to put it out that whatever I’ll be explaining in the review below will be analogy-based. Because before signing up for InfinityCapitalG, I had been associated with many brokers. For one reason or the other, I had to leave all of them. This forum has kept me hooked up for years now. Not because everything was spot on or perfect, but because I got most of what I wanted. This is to remind you that no platform is free of flaws, if someone tells you this then the first thing you are expected to do is watch out. This is the catch that imposters have planned out for you all newbies. I got to know of InfinityCapitalG from a colleague. He said, sign up and forget how to worry. And these words have proven to be right over years. 

How Does It Look?

The day I opened the website and saw the theme picking option over there, trust me I was overwhelmed. No, I’m not exaggerating. Trust me working with a dark background was no less than a headache. A trader has to perform complex and time-calculated decisions on the web page and with the monochorionic and dark background colours, it became impossible for me. There were a whole lot of people who found it professional for some reason unknown to me. But whatever, all opinions matter and hence the only solution to this problem according to me was this option. Thanks to the platform for listening to the feeble voices of customers. Another thing that marks me as a  satisfied customer is the fact that the user interface of the website is great. Very easy to operate and run through. If you’re a young bud you need not worry about learning the use of the portal. And if you’re someone like me who’s not well acquainted with technology even then you can easily operate the site. The integrated graphics are also a nice idea. All these things make the website user-friendly. Although the website is highly customizable there is no option to change font colours or styles for the ones who aren’t satisfied with the existing ones. 

Security and Safety

Here comes one of the most important factors. Compromise on anything but security. This is what I learned after losing all the hard-earned money within seconds. The security of InfinityCapitalG is foolproof. From your assets and data to your future, everything lies safe with them. To have a look yourself, you can refer to the comprehensively laid out legal section at the end. It has subsections that consist of important documents such as Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation Policy, Privacy Policy, Bonus Policy, Terms and Conditions Anti Money Laundering Policy, and Risk Disclosure Statement. Another step that reflects how committed the firm is to provide you with a safe working environment is that the company is not operational in areas such as the US, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Syria, etc. It is so because working in these parts might emerge as a security threat for the rest of the users. Also, the amount of transparency and the open display of the disclaimer talking about risks associated is a clear indication of how much the firm cares for its users. 

Ease of Access

I know security is the most important thing but long-term partnerships are a lot about convincing. No one wants to carry their laptops to weddings or vacations. But traders need to make deals all the time through their brokerage firms. This issue is addressed by the firm by making the web page accessible through multiple devices such as phones and laptops. Also, the user-friendliness is equally satisfying with all the devices.

The Menu Bar

The easy operation takes me to a unique and rather distinguishing feature. The menu bar displays multiple options related to your account. These are options we traders need to use all the time and hence availability near the main page saves a lot of time. Go to the trading platform, open the menu and you’ll find options like 

  • Trade
  • Deposit
  • Positions
  • Closed Positions
  • Funds
  • Account State
  • Settings
  • Support

Contact Us

Once you’ve signed up for the platform, you need to keep going back to the customer representative all the time. Every time I get stuck in a problem, the first person I call is the firm representative. They are highly trained professionals who’re very responsible and responsive. There are multiple ways to get in touch with them like email, chat, phone, and submit a form.

I have been a frequent user of the live chat option because it doesn’t keep me waiting for long. If you don’t like to type your message then you can use the phone option. But its use is limited because of the fact that customers outside Australia, the UK, and Austria can not make use of this. Also, phone and chat are not available on weekends, and on weekdays there are limited hours. This can be a true headache for people from different time zones so I wish these hours are maximized. 


The website provided you with multiple accounts. This is a measure taken in an attempt to cater to the varying needs of traders from different backgrounds. These accounts are 

  • Self Managed
  • Basic
  • Gold 
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • VIP

Self-Managed being the most basic one is for the new traders who have zero or little experience. This lets you get acquainted with the platformtools. It has a minimum deposit of €250. As we go up the features keep enhancing and the deposit increases. The Diamond one is the highest you can sign up for while the VIP is invitation only. This service is only to ensure that you do not get to over or underpay. If the platform makes the Self-Managed account free like some forums out there, it would have been great because initially €250 is a lot for them. 

The Final Word

I had been associated with many firms before InfinityCapitalG and I have had the experience of using flashy features. Despite that, I liked to stick to this one primarily because of the matchless optimal trading environment provided here. Signing up for this forum was a green signal of success for me. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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